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W Face of Rysy in October

Tatra Mountains

Before the cloud obscures the view..

Morskie Oko

Glory on Rysy

Slovakian top of Rysy at the altitude of 2503 meters

Frost in July on the summit

Rysy painted by afternoon lights

Tatra peaks rising above the clouds

NW panorama from Rysy summit

Clouds gate

Southwest view from Rysy

Real skyscrapers

Tazky Stit

Niznie Rysy in the clouds

The harsh east wall of Rysy...

Hikers crossing a snow patch on the 1st August just after the Rysy hut

Niznie Rysy

Subnival zone in Tatra Mountains

Morskie Oko and Czarny Staw

Supposedly similar yet different

Chata pod Rysmi - the old hut

Chata pod Rysmi - temporary mini-bar

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Summery snowfield in the area of Chata pod Rysmi

Chata pod Rysmi refuge as seen from Vaha pass

Rysy(2503) (in the center)...

Map of Rysy peak area High...

View over the Frozen tarn...

Flowers on the balcony...

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Viewing: 1-30 of 5098