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Golden Hinde Summit Panorama

Climbing out of the Burman chasm

Descent from Phillips Ridge - Option 1

Summit prayer flags

Descent from Phillips Ridge - Options 1 & 2

The Descent from Phillips Ridge - Options 1,2 & 3

The Golden Hinde from Carter Lake

Peaks to the south of lower Phillips Ridge

Peak 1732

View N approaching the low point of Phillips Ridge

The Golden Hinde from Schjelderup Lake

Golden Hinde Summit View NE

The Behinde

Crystal Mountain from Tibetan Mountain

"Limestone Cap"

Exit Couloir from S Face

Climbing the lower south face

Golden Hinde SE Face

Below the SE Gullies

SE Gullies from above

Summit Boulder Field

The Golden Hinde from Phillips Ridge

The SE Gullies from Schjelderup Lake

Elk Pass

Original 1937 Re-Survey Benchmark on The Golden Hinde

The Golden Hinde and Environs from Mt Burman

Camp on Mt Burman

Camp 1

Camp 2

Camp on Mt Burman

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