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Roerich Peak (3492 m) and Ak-Oyuk (3670 m), Altay ... or Shangri-La?

Altay mountains

Akkem Lakes and distant Terektinsky Range, Altay

Ak-Oyuk Peak (3690 m), Altay

Dawn at Akkem Moraine Camp, Altay

Winter camp in the shadows of Akkem Wall

Roerich Peak (3492 m) and Ak-Oyuk (3670 m)

Ascent route to Riga-Tourist Pass

On the Saddle of Riga-Tourist Pass, 3100 m

Druzhba Glacier, Katun'skie Belki Range, Altay

Descent route from Riga-Turist Pass (3100 m), Katun'skie Belki Range, Altay

Descent route from Riga-Turist Pass, Katun'skie Belki Range, Altay

Belukha North Face from Ak-Oyuk hanging valley

Start of descent from Riga-Turist Pass, Altay

West Cirque of Riga-Turist Pass, Altay

Hanging valley of Riga-Turist Pass, Altay

Ascending Druzhba Glacier, Altay Mtns

Backlit snow plumes, Druzhba Glacier, Altay

getting closer to the akkem lake

belukha north face and akkem lake

West aspect of Belukha (4506 m)

Druzhba Glacier, descending West. Altay Mtns

Mensu Glacier underfoot, Altay, Siberia

Lake Orokol, Kucherla Valley, Altay

Kuldura-Oyuk Valley and Kucherla Lake, Altay

Waterfall Canyon of Ioldo, Altay

Mensu Glacier, Altay

Altay mountains

Ski track at the base of Siberia's highpoint

Altay mountains

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