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Mt Aylmer from the South, 3...

The notch in Mt. Aylmer from...

The short crux ridge on Mt...

On the summit of Mt Aylmer...

Just lost a friend in Canmore...

We saw tons of wildlife on...

Bighorn Sheep near Aylmer Pass

Lake Minnewanka Frozen

Squaws Tit -Slabs on west side

The Sun Setting in the Ghost

Chilkoot Passage (crux pitch)

Fang & Fist - Pitch 1

Fang & Fist - Pitch 2

Fang & Fist

Fang and Fist

Fang and Fist 1200'

Hydrophobia - Topping Out

Beowolf - Ghost Valley

Rapping Beowolf

Hydrophobia - Getting out of the Cave

Beowolf - Pitch One

Canadian Rockies

Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park

Devil's Head approaching West Ridge

Devil's Head - SE approach ridge.

West summit and North face of West Ridge

Pinnacles in saddle of West Ridge.

Pinnacles in saddle on west ridge

Looking East from Summit

Devil's Head from Ghost Valley

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