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Mount Waddington and the Tiedemann Group

Mt. Combatant

near camp 2 ~10000 ft august...

Waddington from Van Island

A general map of the Mount...

Nearing summit of Mt. Combatant

Mt Waddington

Top of Combatant

Shadow of Mt Waddington on horizon

Just about to start the main tower of Mt. Waddington

Combatant col

Traversing over to the main summit of Mt Waddington

The Tooth

NW summit of Waddington from main summit

Main summit of Mt. Waddington from NW summit

Summit of Mt. Waddington 1985

Straddling the NW summit of Mt Waddington

Stiletto,the Blade and Dentiform from the helicopter

The Serra peaks in the clouds

Fooling around at basecamp at Sunny knob,Mt. Waddington area

High up on Serra2, Mt. Waddington area

bookin it though the icefall on ascent of Mt. Waddington

Camp below Mt. Dentiform

Climbing Sundog buttress on the Blade, Mt Waddington area

Rapping down the steep part of the Blade

Rapping down from the Blade

Climbing on Dentiform Peak across from Mt Waddington

On south ridge of Dentiform peak

On Mt Dentiform

Mt. Waddington from Mt. Hickson

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Viewing: 1-30 of 149