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How Does that Prussik Knot Work?

The Schiesser Ledges

Whiteout on the Wapta

The View Accross to Mt. Balfour

Roping up outside hut

Descending Vulture Glacier

Carving it Up in Classic Rockies Wind Crust

Mount Olive - Wapta icefield

Olive and Saint Nicholas from Thompson

Mount Olive - rock on ridge between summits

North Ridge of Mt. Balfour

Olive, St. Nich, Balfour from Summit of Thompson

Mount Thomson summit looking West

Mount Thompson summit - looking NW

The Olive-Nicholas Col

The Olive-Nicholas Col

Balfour Pass

On A Rope

Ridge on Mount Baker - Wapta Icefield

Upper Ridge - Mt Baker - Wapta

Upper East Ridge on Baker - Wapta

Mount Gordon from base of Rhonda S

Mount Gordon from Rhonda S

Mount Gordon

Foggy Bow Hut

Thompson from Rondda South

Bow Hut

Bow Glacier Headwall

Bowl Below Bow Hut

Canyon on approach to Bow Hut

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Viewing: 1-30 of 3696