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Mount Bryce - North Aspect

Mount Bryce

Ascending a water course on south slopes of Mount Bryce

Mt Columbia from Tent Site

South and North Twins

Athabasca Glacier

Columbia Icefield, Jasper NP, Alberta, Canada

Athabaska Glacier Headwall in Crevasse

Mt. Columbia

Mount Columbia Coming into Sight

Sunset on the Columbia Icefield

Skinning Up to the Columbia Icefield

About To Set Up Camp

Back at Camp

Our Camp in the Distance

Athabaska Glacier Headwall in Crevasse 02

Another Group Setting Up Camp

Mt Andromeda 01

Mount Columbia

the approach to andromeda

Did this route in Sept 03...

Mount Andromeda from the north.

Mount Andromeda routes from the north

Skyladder Route, Mount Andromeda

Skyladder Route, Mount Andromeda

Blair Piggot leading the way...

North summit of Andromeda on...

Our second break, we are...

The SW Ridge of Andromeda, we...

Looking back down the SW...

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