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Summit of Coronet

Summit Glacier - Coronet Mtn.

Steven on summit - Coronet Mtn.

North Glacier of Coronet Mtn.

Trail head sign for Poboktan Creek

Approach trail

Poboktan Creek trail

Poligne Creek turnoff

Turn towards avalanche campground

First bridge on Poligne Creek

Bivy near north col of Coronet

North Glacier on Coronet Mtn.

Col north of Coronet

Mount Mary Vaux

Area topo

Let the scree slog begin

Part way of NW slopes of Coronet

Mt. Warren and Mt. Brazeau

North Glacier and main Coronet Glacier in valley

View to fore summit

Nearing lower summit

Nearing first summit

Main summit from lower summit

Ready for fun snow/ice climbing

Nearing the top of Coronet Mtn.

Descending to lower summit

Looking back to NW ridge

Heading back to NW ridge

West side of Coronet Mtn.

Heading home, view back to Coronet

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Viewing: 1-30 of 1906