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Upper Pitches of Knuckle Gnasher - Grande Cache

Grande Cache - Free Standing Column

Knuckle Gnasher - Pitch One

The Amphitheatre

Knuckle Gnasher

Knuckle Gnasher - Pitch One

Knuckle Gnasher - Thin Start

Evergreen Gully - Left Hand

Lower Pitches of Knucle Gnasher - Grande Cache

Evergreen Gully - Right Hand

Evergreen Gully - Central Pillar (2nd Pitch)

Evergreen Amphitheatre - Grand Cache, Alberta

Calling Will Gadd

Knuckle Gnasher; the top pitches - Grande Cache, Alberta

Knuckle Gnasher - Thin Conditions

Rapping a Wild Pitch of Ice - Grande Cache

First Pitch of Knuckle Gnasher

Upper Pitch of Knuckle Gnasher - Grande Cache

Icicle Frame

Evergreen Gully Goats

Evergreen Gully - Going Down

Second Tier of the Upper Pitch

Knuckle Gnasher - Thin Conditions (nearing the top)

Upper Pitches of Knickle Gnasher - Grande Cache

Knucle Gnasher - Upper Pitch

Ampitheatre of Ice - Grande Cache

Delicate climbing on Knuckle Gnasher

Amphitheatre of Ice Atop Evergreen Gully - Grande Cache

Lower Pitch of Evergreen Gully

Evergreen Gully - Grande Cache

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Viewing: 1-30 of 402