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Taku River Canyon

Endicott Arm

Alaskan Coast

Olds Mountain Route

Olds Mountain Summit

Near the summit of Olds Mountain

Granite Creek Basin

Looking up Granite Basin to Olds Mountain

Olds Mountain from Juneau Ridge

Granite Creek Trailhead

Scrambling on Salmon Ridge

Chop Gully

South face of Observation Peak

Fault lines on Salmon Ridge

Panoramic view from the summit looking to the West

Observation Peak Route Overview

Observation Peak Route Overview

Bear Glacier, near Hyder, AK

Trail along Juneau Ridge.

Observation Seen from Camp 17

Glacier in Southeast Alaska

Flume Trail

Mount Juneau

Gold Creek

Flume Trail

Camp 17 overlooking the Lemon Glacier

Looking at Cairn Peak from Camp 17


Mount Juneau rises right up out of downtown Juneau

Mt. Juneau seen from the south on Douglas Island

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