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Alaska Range 1995


Peters drainages Denali National Park

"Climb the Mountains and Get Their Good Tidings"-John Muir

The Alaska Range near Mount McKinley is loaded with a multitude of great peaks, such as Mount Huntington.

K'esugi Ridge Hikers

K'esugi Ridge, Alaska

The Upper Slopes of the "Top of North America" in the Alaska Range.

Mt. Mckinley

Peaks Surrounding Second Shot Glacier in the Alaska Range.

Heavy Load

Flying off of Second Shot Glacier in the Alaska Range.

Crossing the Snowbird Glacier

Chulitna River Camp

Lake below the snowbird glacier

Me at the Top

Camp 3

Hatcher's Pass Panorama

Hatcher's Pass April Loop

Hatcher's Pass Alpine Lake

Lunch Break

Alaska Range Sub-peaks in the vicinity of Mount McKinley.

The intrepid photographers on Second Shot Glacier in the Alaska Range.

Camp 2


Upper Reed Lake

Walking Down Glacier to Camp 2

About the bomber crash

The Bomber Crash Wreckage

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