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The south face of the Gargoyle

Avalanches path on the Gargoyle

Gargoyle, West Face

Map of the Great Gorge

Flying past the Mooses' Tooth and the Gargoyle

Moose's Tooth


The Alaska Range near the Upper Ruth Glacier-Great Gorge, near the Don Sheldon Ampitheater.

Lil' Red Plane

Alaska Range Mount McKinley (Denali) Floating in a Sea of White and Blues.

Moving Supplies

TAT plane against the surrounding Alaska Range peaks above Second Shot glacier.

The Alaska Range near the Upper Ruth Glacier near the Don Sheldon Ampitheater.

A section of the Alaska Range with ethereal lighting.(Part II)

Alaska Range with ethereal lighting.

Inside snow cave

West face of Mount Huntington

base camp on the East Fork Tokositna Glacier, Alaska

Huntington West Face Couloir

Mount Huntington

West Face Coulior

Denali East Buttress

Looking down French Ridge

Steep ice below rock band

View of rock band on the French Ridge


Avalanche down NW Ruth Glacier

Camp I

Seracs on buttress above Camp I

The Bulk of Mount McKinley (Denali) looming above the surrounging glaciers in early morning light in the Alaska Range.

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Viewing: 1-30 of 491