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Location Lat/Lon: 41.10368°N / 3.25611°W
Additional Information Elevation: 6722 ft / 2049 m
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Ocejón is one of the most foremost mountains in Sierra de Ayllón, Sistema Central. It's located in the Guadalajara province and the southern part of Sierra de Ayllón, called Sierra del Robledal y Ocejón. This range separates the rivers Jarama to the west and Sorbe to the east. Its round shape is very characteristic and it's almost alone, with no other peaks around over 2.000 m. There is a two meter tall cairn until the true summit, wich is signed by a survey point. A mailbox with a summit book inside has been recently attached to that cairn. The mainly routes to Ocejón start at Collado de Soria (approx. 1.420 m), Majaelrayo or Valverde de los Arroyos, being the first one the easiest way to climb this beautiful mountain. From the second and third villages the climb is harder but nicer than from Collado de Soria, Chorreras de Despeñalagua are some waterfalls (one of them is big) that you can see when hiking from Valverde de los Arroyos. These cascades are in Arroyo (stream) de la Pineda on the N-NE slopes of Ocejón.

Getting There

If you are in Madrid, east, south or west Spain; the easiest way to go to Campillejo (below Collado de Soria), Majaelrayo or Valverde de los Arroyos is via Guadalajara. Private Vehicle From Madrid, E, S or W Spain 1º A-2 to Guadalajara (58 Km) 2º CM-101 passing Yunquera and Humanes (26 Km) 3º CM-1004 to Tamajón (35 Km) 4º GU-186 to Campillejo (12 Km) or Majaelrayo (18 Km) 4º GU-186 to Km 2, then right to Valverde de los Arroyos (16 Km more) passing Almiruete and Palancares. All these villages are in Guadalajara (Spain). The road crosses Guadalajara from SW to N, passing the center of the town to the left. Take firstly Avenida del Ejército, turn left where the bus station is placed following Calle del Dos de Mayo, pass a wild animal rehabilitation center and turn left taking a descending street to the bridge over Río Henares. Then go to the right towards Fontanar and the other villages said up. After Tamajón the narrow road crosses a nice limestone and shrubs areas. Finally it divides in two branches, straight it goes to Majaelrayo via Campillejo and Espinar, and the right one to Valverde de los Arroyos via Almiruete. From N Spain 1º A-1 to Km 104.5 2º N-110 to Riaza (12 Km) 3º SG-112 to Puerto de la Quesera (13 Km) 4º GU-186 to Majaelrayo (22 Km) or Campillejo (6 Km more) 4º GU-186 to Km 37 (2 Km before Tamajón), then left to Valverde de los Arroyos (16 Km more) via Almiruete and Palancares. Get informed of winter road conditions in pages 601 and 611 of "Teletexto" TVE.

When to Climb

All the seasons are good to climb this slaty mountain, but try to avoid the hotest days of July and August. Always carry at least 1 liter of water with you because it's difficult to find water sources. Also get crampons when the snow covers the mountain in winter and warm clothes. Don't forget map, compass and altimeter because the fogs are dangerous due to the rounded shape of Ocejón. AEMET weather forecast for Guadarrama and Somosierra. The last is rather near Ocejón. Weather forecast for Valverde de los Arroyos. Club Alcarreño de Montaña usually organize a climb the last sunday until Christmas in order to place a little crib on the summit of Ocejón (see LINKS). Many people go in throngs so if you don't like crowds try to avoid that day.

Red Tape

The rocks that compose this mountain, as others in Sierra de Ayllón are mainly quartzites and slates of 400 million years ago. On the valleys and gorges that were excavated during this period survive wild boar, roe deers, foxes, martens, wild cats and many birds of prey. The villages in the area were depopulated some decades ago so now the animals maraud free in Reserva Nacional de Caza del Sonsaz. Created in 1973, this game reserve has an area of 68.000 Ha / 170,000 acres, and includes all the 2-thousand meter mountains in Sierra de Ayllón. So always be careful when driving on the narrow roads in the reserve not to run over an animal.

Camping and lodging

Camping in the area is forbidden and there are no huts in the area, but there're lots of rural houses in Campillejo, Majaelrayo and Valverde de los Arroyos.

The Black Villages

Campillejo (approx. 1.060 m) This little village is formed by black houses (built with slate) and white interiors. Some of them have white crosses grafted on to the robust slaty walls. The ground floor is destined for housing and the upper floor for straw loft. The houses also have showy chimneys and little yard. If you want to telephone in Campillejo ask in the house behind the drinking fountain, the host will rent you the only phone that exists in the village. Majaelrayo (1.184 m) It maintains an adventageous cattle richness and tourist attraction. Majaelrayo also has a traditional dance facilitated by the couloring clothing of the dancers. Another popular character in the feasts held on the first sunday of September is "el botarga". Valverde de los arroyos (1.254 m) The village is placed on a little hill next to Arroyo de la Chorrera, in the East shade of the big Ocejón. It also has slaty houses with lovely flowered wooden balconies. Beside its lonelyness there're some new houses in harmony with the old ones. In the square, the drinking fountain, the church are act as a background to juego de bolos (skittles), the third popular element in Valverde de los Arroyos. "El botarga" and the traditional dances also are in this village.

External Links

  • Henares al día This paper of Guadalajara and Club Alcarreño de Montaña offer this site with information about the tradicional ascent of Ocejón the last sunday until Christmas. On that day crowds climb this peak and a mass is celebrated whereas a little crib is placed on the top. Only in Spanish.
  • Barrabés The web of this mountain department-store of Benasque (Huesca), in the heart of the Pyrenees. Better weather info for mountain zones that but not centralized on Ocejón area, located in Sierra de Ayllón, Sistema Central.

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Rural houses and campings

RURAL HOUSES IN THE "BLACK VILLAGES" -Majaelrayo: • la Casona de Majaelrayo: • Callejón de la Gata: • Apartamentos rurales Las Cabezadas: -Campillo de Ranas: • Albergue rural Teja Negra: • Aldea Tejera Negra: • La Casa del Sol: • El Abejaruco: • La Era de la Tía Donata: -Espinar: • Al Viento del Ocejón: -Campillejo: • La Pizarra Negra: -Valverde de los Arroyos: • El Cambareto: • La Alquería de Valverde: • El Cárabo: • Las Hondonadas : There is a camping in Tamajón:

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