Offshore Canyon

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Offshore Canyon
Created On: Sep 25, 2008
Last Edited On: Dec 13, 2009


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This is one of a few slot canyons behind Offshore Marina. Offshore Marina is really a drydock on Utah hi-way 276 a few miles north of Bullfrog Marina on Lake Powell. It is a short, scenic canyon with a few fun down climbs/up climbs (depending on your direction of travel) and a short approach. Makes for a fun diversion before heading home or as passing thru. There are other canyons behind Offshore Marina as well that could be fun to explore. They may or may not require technical gear.

You could enjoy this canyon year round. I visited it around new years and it was bone dry. I suspect it is typically dry and a wetsuit would likely never be needed. Flash flood danger is high if it starts to rain.

Getting There

From the intersection of Utah hi-way 95 and Utah hi-way 276 south of Hanksville, UT, and north of Hite, UT, head south down Utah hi-way 276. After ~30-45 minutes you'll pass by Ticaboo, UT, then in a few more minutes you will reach the Offshore Marina. Offshore Marina wil be on the east side of the road. There is a Texaco or some such gas station/quik mart on the west side of hi-way 276 as well. Park wherever parking is allowed.


Head down into Hansen Creek from the southern end of the structures, passing by some mailboxes and trailers. The mouth of the canyon is directly opposite at N 37.62784 W 110.71791. You can either go up the canyon w/ some short up climbs and maybe a bouldering problem or 2, or walk either its north or south rim to the head of either of the 2 forks. I descended the north fork. The south fork has an ~20' drop ~50-100 yards up from the n/s confluence. It could be up or down climbed, some may want to handline or rappel so go prepared. Total time is ~ 2 hours depending on dawdling and photos.


There is public land all around. Or the Ticaboo Lodge or Bullfrog campgrounds on Lake Powell.

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