Ogden 22nd Street Trailhead

Ogden 22nd Street Trailhead

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Location Lat/Lon: 41.22664°N / 111.93074°W
Additional Information County: Weber
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 4600 ft / 1402 m


22 Street Area MapTrails in area around 22nd Street Trailhead
Indian Trail From 22nd StreetIndian Trail heading North from Trailhead

Ogden’s 22nd Street trailhead is the nexus for numerous trails for Ogden and beyond. While not a particularly exciting trailhead in and of itself, a half dozen different trails coming off of 22nd Street lead to everywhere from across town, up the mountain, and/or to Provo or the Idaho Border.

22nd Street Trailhead provides access to:
Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST)
Birdsong Trail
Indian Trail
Ogden Centennial Trail
Malan/Ogden Peak via BST
Hidden Valley via Indian Trail

The Trailhead

Malan Peak From 22nd Street TrailheadMalan Peak from Trailhead
Hidden Valley CairnCairn Marking the end of Hidden Valley Trail

Directions: The Trailhead is located in Ogden where 22nd Street ends at the foot of the mountains. From I-15, take the 12th Street exit, follow it until you reach Harrison Blvd, take a right onto Harrison, follow Harrison until you reach 22nd street, take a left toward the mountains, follow 22nd street until it ends at the base of the mountains.

The parking lot is large, paved and has room for about 15 vehicles. It is large enough to accommodate horse trailers. The lot has a sign saying it closes after dark, but I’ve never actually have seen it close. There is an information Kiosk located at the trailhead with a topographical map and safety information.

There are no rest facilities or water sources located at the trailhead. If you want to camp, you would most likely want to do it on whatever trail you’ve picked and set up a leave no trace camp somewhere well away from the trailhead. There shouldn’t be too many restrictions and/or charges as most of the trails are on forest service land (except Centennial and Birdsong which are Ogden City Trails).

Fauna and Flora

Bonneville Shore line TrailBonneville Shoreline Trail

Being 22nd Street is near an urban area, the animals in the area are fairly shy and you won’t see too many unless you go hunting for them. There are Sage Grouse, Fox, Deer, Moose, Owls, Rabbits and Squirrels in the area, so you might get lucky. On the other hand, keep you ears and eyes open for rattlesnakes as this is a great habitat for them in the spring and summer.

The area immediately adjacent to the trail is dry, west facing rocky mountainsides. It takes a little hiking to reach actual “forest”. In the dry area, flora is mostly sage brush and bunch grass. During spring/summer, you can find a nice variety of wildflowers. The woods, when you do reach them, are mostly made up of Gambel oak, Canyon Maples, White Pines, and Utah Juniper.

Okay...where can I go?

Mt Ogden from Hidden Valley

Indian Trail: A 4.2 mile hike over the hill to Ogden Canyon ---Proceed East from the trailhead and follow the signs/trails up the West face of the mountain.

Hidden Valley: ~3 mile (one way) hike to overlook Taylor Canyon ---Follow Indian Trail up the side of the mountain. After about ½ mile you will see a rock with “Hidden Valley” painted in red. Watch carefully the sign is easy to miss.

Bonneville Shoreline: A ninety mile trail tracing the prehistoric Lake Bonneville shoreline

Bonneville Shoreline North --- Go 100 yards East, turn left, follow trail all the way to the Idaho border!

Bonneville Shoreline South --- Go 100 yards East, turn right, follow trail to Provo! (actually, just to 46th Street Ogden Beus Canyon, after that the BST gets a little spotty until you reach Layton)

Birdsong Trail: A mile long urban trail. Follow the BST north to the Rainbow Gardens. Trailhead is in the back of the Rainbow Gardens parking lot.

Centennial Trail: --- An ~11 mile paved trail weaving through Ogden. Follow the BST north to the Rainbow Gardens parking lot. Centennial’s Trailhead is next to the river.

Malan Peak, Ogden Peak and the Great Western Trail --- 22nd Street isn't the closest trailhead for these, but they can be reached by following the BST south toward 27th Street (the next canyon south) for about ½ mile.


Hard Core Summiting: Go south on the Bonneville Shoreline trail to 27th street, up Taylor Canyon to Malan's Peak, and then up another 2000 Vertical to Mt. Ogden from the west. For even more sporty climbing, follow Hidden Valley trail to the end and then bushwack, traverse and climb Mt Ogden from the North.

Regular Hiking: All trails listed above are hikable but the best ones from the trailhead are Hidden Valley and Indian. Because they are fairly steep, there are very few mountain bikes and the higher you get, the less the crowds.

Snow Shoeing: The best trails for snow shoeing are Indian and Hidden Valley. Both get good snow and provide access to untraveled areas.

Mountain Biking: All of trails (except Indian and Hidden Valley) can be mountain biked, but the best one in the area would be the Bonneville Shoreline (either heading North or South).

Regular Biking: Although most of the trails are too rough. Centennial, being paved, is a great "tour biking" choice.

With Small Kids: Birdsong, being fairly short, is probably the best bet. Centennial goes past Dinosaur Park and has roaring dinosaurs you can hear from the trail. Centennial is also stroller friendly.





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