Ojstrnik From Valle di Ugovizza

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Carnic Alps, Austria, Europe
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Ojstrnik From Valle di Ugovizza
Created On: Jan 9, 2005
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Valle di UgovizzaValle di Ugovizza

From southern (Italian) side the best starting point is Valle di Ugovizza (valley), into which we drive from the Udine - Tarvisio - Villach highway at the village Ugovizza/Ukve. This road is closed for public traffic on the altitude of 1210m, at Rif. Nordio Deffar (hut).

Route Description

The summit of Ojstrnik from...Ojstrnik south slope

From the Rif. Nordio Deffar where you park, if the road is snowless othervise before, you start walking in to the narrow valley on the left and you follow the signposts for the route number 403-507. Soon upwards you come to the crossing where you turn to the right in the eastward direction. The left path goes on to Dolinza Alm.

Following the nice route through the forest you reach in one hour from the mentioned crossing the Feistrizer Alm (1720m). From here you mount to the top of Ojstrnik over the south slopes following the route number 481.

Ski Tour

Ojstrnik ski tour - towards the SWA schematic map of the tour


As said, you will usually park by Osteria nel Camoscio. Till there the road is usually cleaned also in winter, because the upper part of Valle di Ugovizza is not steep and the initial road ascent above Ukve/Ugovizza is oriented towards the south. The majority of skiers go on Cima Bella / Schoenwipfel though.

By the road you proceed northwards, pass a big farm (large parking place) and continue towards Rif. Nordio-Deffar. Till there the road is very rarely cleaned, because the hut is closed in winter and spring. There the valley branches. By both valleys marked paths go by mountain roads. We continue in the northern direction (left road). The road avoids a steep creek by a few turns, higher crosses it again and we are already below Lom saddle. The crossing of paths is just before it, on 1406m.

The path on Bistriška planina / Feistrizer Alm goes right, towards the east. It soon enters a dense forrest and goes above the creek bed over the steep slopes of Ojstrnik. This part is not nice for skiing, but it's possible to get through. Some 100 meters below the huts on the saddle we get out of the forrest. Here the ideal ski terrains begin.
Below Bistriska planina / Feistrizer AlmBelow Bistriška planina / Feistrizer Alm

If there is a ski track, it will go up the slopes of Ojstrnik, so not towards the huts. Of course we can do the ascent around as well. So, by a moderate steep slope we cut the turn and reach the ascent route, which comes from the huts. We are some 50 meters above the saddle. Here the steep part of Ojstrnik south slope begins.
Bistriska planina / Feistrizer AlmAbove Bistriška planina / Feistrizer Alm

In good conditions the ascent is possible by skinning. If the snow is harder, you'd need the appropriate equipment. After some 100 meters of a steep ascent, the slope slowly flattens, and the upper part is ideal again - for skinning, and later downwards skiing.

Altogether it is a medium hard ski tour. Quite some care is needed on the steep part of the upper slope and good snow conditions are needed in the dense forrest. For the whole ascent we shall need some 3h to 3h 30min.

Essential Gear

Good hiking shoes, if you go tour skiing all equipment for tour skiing.

Ojstrnik From Valle di Ugovizza

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