Old Potato Lake

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Old Potato Lake is a whimsical name I've dubbed the unnamed large shallow alkali pond just south of the dirt road along larger Soda Lake which some locals refer to as East Pond with the Temblor Range in the background. I exposed this Provia 100F 4x5 transparency through my 150mm Nikkor lens during the spectacular wildflower bloom at Carrizo Plain National Monument on April 18, 2006.

After considerable walking back and forth, I homed in on a particularly nice patch of beautiful yellow hued Bigelow's coreopsis, coreopsis bigelovii. Just below was an alkali flat with smooth bare areas of whitish soil interspersed with ground hugging yellow hued goldfields, lasthenia chrysotoma, yellow with white tip petalled tidy tips, layia platyglossa, and purple owls clover, orthocarpus purpurascens. Separating wildflowers were thick patches of light greenish blue leaves of saltbush.

The image is available on my below home page gallery as a 34x28 inch Lightjet fine art print. For additional information on this image see link.

David Senesac Photography


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