Old Rag 2008

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Virginia, United States, North America
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Oct 17, 2008
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Old Rag 2008
Created On: Jan 11, 2009
Last Edited On: Feb 21, 2012


I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock beeping, I am at home and it is dark outside. I wake up excited even though it is still early, today is the day, finally when I get to leave this place! Though it is only a few hours away I will be going to one of my most favorite places. Old Rag, otherwise know as the Boulder Wonderland! I have been here many times before but in a few hours I will realize that this time shall be the best!

Three Hours Later

Old Rag Collage
I open the door of our car and find myself at the bottom parking lot, I pack my things and put on my backpack. With my camera and family at hand I set off into the most awesome place 3 hours from home. The trails are packed with hikers or wanna-be hikers since this is the most colorful month of all. The trees are packed with all the hues of orange and it is a miraculous site!

Fun Starts

Boulders and My Dad
I finally near the area where the fun starts! The boulders, like big hard beds all over the ground. I wait a while for my family to catch up; this is the chance for me to do some fun stuff without them watching over every move I make! I have some fun doing pointless scrabbles over some wild rocks until they come and we hike/scramble our way to the real summit.


Rock Formation
I, sadly, am the only one in my family who cares if they actually get on the summit. It takes a few moves to actually be on the highest part of the mountain, but I am determined. Once I am at the top the view is quite spectacular. I take a few pictures because I finally have the camera for my self since my mom decided to take her huge one!


Bushes on Boulders
The decent is not as fun, but it is practice, we took the long way, through the forest. The leaves are absolutely amazing; I tried not to put too many leaf pictures, only one, on the site since it should be mostly about mountains, not really trees and leaves in the mountains. Well, at least it is what I think. We descend lower, my dad sprains his ankle! Ouch! Luckily, we still have a good amount of time left to go to the car. We got to the car in time, even early, so we had a chance to go to the beautiful winery a few minutes drive below the parking lot.



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Old Rag 2008

Trip Report
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