On top of Norway

On top of Norway

Page Type Page Type: Trip Report
Location Lat/Lon: 61.60640°N / 8.21777°E
Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Sep 7, 2010
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Summer

Beitostølen Resort on top of Norway

Galdhøpiggen (2469m) - Andris and Bent
There are big mountains, small hills and mountain peaks you still haven't been to. Every time when the sun is shining, my heart remains restless, because i want to go up to the mountains. I want to go somewhere and see how wonderful world looks from the beautiful mountain peaks. I have climbed countless mountains all over the world- the Himalayas, the Caucasus, the Alps, Andes, Africa, the Pamirs, in Alaska, but Norwegian mountains are special. They are not like others, they are different.

Galdhøpiggen (2469m)
I am thankful to the destiny for bringing me to the magnificent Valdres mountain region and Beitostølen Resort. One could say my biggest dream has come true- i live in the mountains. I have gotten acquainted with Beitostolen surroundings, walked through all the mountain trails and reached Bitihorn and Mugnetind mountain peaks. I am thinking to myself-What is next? It's time for the highest mountain in Norway Galdhøpiggen (2469m)! There is an idea and the right time to realize it. It is not difficult to find like-minded fellows, so on a beautiful September day three men from Bitostolen- Andris Malasevskis, Bent Johan Pakarinen and Tor Solberg - decides to conquer the highest point in Scandinavia.

A trip to the Jotunheimen is excellent. Early in the morning when leaving Beitostolen we are greeted by Bitihorn mountain wrapped in a cloud cover. This view is always beautiful. Not without a reason this mountain is a symbol of Beitostolen. Our road leads us to Valdresflye which is one of the (SECOND) highest mountain roads in Norway. We get this cosmic feeling, because there is just mountain plateau around us; it feels like we are in an alpine desert. In winter this wonderful mountain road is closed. Along the way we get impressed by panoramic view of the famous Besseggen mountain ridge which is the most popular mountain trek in the region. Next two hours our road takes us around famous Jotunheimen National Park.

We have chosen the longest route to climb the Galdhøpiggen from the East. It's an early and cold morning when we arrive to Spiterstulen mountain hotel. There are only a few cars in the parking space. This is not the most popular route leading to the peak, most climbers choose the easiest and quickest way from Juvasshytta. Weather is excellent! Blue sky, sun and wonderful mountain views. The route we have chosen is technically easy, but very long. The trail is well marked and well foreseeable. We start our ascent slowly. According to the fact there is a professional photographer with us, we climb enjoying the beautiful sights. Actually we are four adventurers, because there is also another famous Valdres region mountain climber with us-dog Rocky who has seen innumerable mountain peaks and walked all the surrounding trails. It seems like mountain climbing is not a problem for him. Along the way we enjoy the clear mountain water from the mountain brooks. Halfway to our destination we notice first snow. When reaching the mountain ridge we see fantastic views of glaciers and Juvasshytta- hotel on the other side of the mountain. We can see hundreds of climbers moving towards the glacier peaks. We are happy we chose the difficult path, because this route allows us to enjoy the peace and magnificent landscapes of mountains. The top ridge turns out to be very long. Reaching the first peak we see that the real peak is still ahead wrapped in glittering snow. After a four-hour ascent we finally reach the top. Great! There is a cafeteria on the top of Norway's highest mountain and we see many people wanting to take pictures; we have to wait in a line to get our pictures taken. Yes, this top is really popular!
Galdhøpiggen (2469m) - top of Norway

We couldn't ask for a better weather; the top offers us spectacular view of the Jotunheimen mountain peaks and glaciers. It is a bit cold, but we quickly forget about that because of the unique landscapes. We get the feeling - we want to stay here forever. There is nothing more beautiful than a clear and sunny day on the top of the mountain allowing us to enjoy the magnificence of the nature. Jotunheimen is a gorgeous place! Now i can add also Norway's highest peak and Beitostølen Resort to my wide conquered peak collection.
What's next? Maybe Mount Everest in the spring?

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