one last look

One last look into the fantastic Many Glacier Valley on a stunningly beautiful fall morning. Lake Sherburne, which greets visitors entering the park from Babb, MT, is actually a large reservoir, and over the course of the summer one can watch its water levels slowly recede as the farmland to the east of the park recieves controlled amounts of much needed water. Wynn Mountain is the long, dark ridge on the left of the photo, with Allen Mountain's snow-capped false eastern summit visible to the right. Continuing right, the long, horizontal strip of snow and ice perched on the face of the Garden Wall is The Salamander, a glacier that used to be part of Grinnell Glacier. Mount Grinnell's two pointed summits are next in line, with Grinnell Point, a staple of the Many Glacier Valley, half in shadow. The ascending diagonal ridge behind and to the right is part of the Continental Divide and leads up to Swiftucurrent Mountain, with the cliffy southeast face of Altyn Peak in front.

September 22, 2009


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