One Route is missing - still...

One Route is missing - still being added . . .
Albion Basin Routes Overview Map
Trail, Class 1,Class 2, Class 3, White = Class 4 or snow steeper than 45o, Class 5+
A - Cardiff Pass from Alta
B - Grizzly Gulch Trail
C - Collins Gulch Trail
D - Secret Lake Trail
E - Sugarloaf Service Road
F - Catherine Pass Trail
G - Great Western Trail
H - Lake Catherine Trail
I - Majestic Trail
J - Twin Lakes Pass Trail
K - Bullion Divide Ridgerun
L - Sugarloaf/Devils Castle Trail
M - Devils Castle Traverse
N - Brighton Ridgerun
O - S Ridge via Catherine Pass
P - NE Slopes via Mt Millicent
P1 - Millicent-Wolverine Headwall
Q - North Ridge - Mt Millicent
R - Brighton Traverse
S - Honeycomb Cliffs via Twin Lakes Pass
T - South Slopes - Flagstaff Mtn
U - West Ridge - Flagstaff Mtn
V - Reed & Benson Ridge
W - Cottonwood Ridge - Twin Lakes Pass to Superior
X - (Can't remember name - coming soon)
Y - The Apron
Z - Supreme Ski Lift Trail

Information is a combination of personal experience, USGS topos, and route descriptions on SP. Route difficulties are interpreted and may not be accurate for routes not on SP. Please let me know if any additions or corrections are needed in the map or labeling.


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