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Alberta, Canada, North America
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Onion Ski
Created On: Dec 17, 2007
Last Edited On: Dec 17, 2007

Route Description

Crowfoot Headwall

It is 8kms from Bow Lake to Bow Hut with 1250’+/- elevation gain. Start at the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge parking lot and cross Bow Lake (make sure it is appropriately frozen-skiers have died on this lake) in a southwesterly direction to gravel flats that contour around the northern end of Crowfoot Mountain. Follow a creek bed towards Bow Falls and be on the lookout for a trail heading into the forest on your left. This avoids a steep canyon section in the drainage. Follow this trail upwards until you come to a
juncture where you can descend back into the creek bed. Skin up this creek (left)as it winds its way into a canyon trough (aka snow trap). Separate well through this canyon to avoid more than one party being buried in the same avalanche. Move through at a steady pace until you come to a steep ice-water fall type section (approximately 1km). Ascend the left hand slope, possibly having to remove your skis for a short period and continue due south through the tree line towards a massive headwall (photo below) between Crowfoot Mountain and St. Nicholas Peak. Turn right in the cirque (ice cliff avalanche terrain) and ascend a ramp of snow back north that leads directly to the Bow Hut. Stay right to find the least strenuous and hazardous terrain.
Bow Lake

Continue past the hut to the east and ascend snow slopes to a broad col between Mount St. Nicholas to your left and The Onion to your right. Simply ski up to the Onion's broad summit and enjoy the views.

Essential Gear

Skins, Skies, Poles, Goggles, Compass, Map and whatever glacier gear you deem appropriate. You will not have access to the cooking facilities at the Bow Hut unless you have the combination to the door.

Onion Ski

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