Orrido (gorge) di Bellano

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Orrido (gorge) di Bellano
Created On: Apr 22, 2007
Last Edited On: Apr 22, 2007

... a natural gorge

After a climbing day spent in the Grigne group, or climbing at the falesias of Zucco Angelone, Baiedo etc. ... you should not forget to spend one hour giving a look to this spectacular natural gorge created by the Pioverna stream on the west side of Grignone.
It takes a very short time (at a reasonable cost : 2,5€) to make a comfortable and easy walk (no risks at all) ...
Warning - you can enter here all year long but avoid it after a big rainfall !

no need to explain the contents of the attached photos


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Orrido (gorge) di Bellano

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