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Location Lat/Lon: 48.90264°N / 19.07982°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 5223 ft / 1592 m
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Sunset from window of the the hut Chata pod Borišovom, looking to OstredokSunset on Ostredok
South from the top Ploská, we cross the desertic grassy immensities of the Veľká FatraFlat terrain...
Winter in Velka FatraWinter hike
path from Krizna to OstredokSnowy spring
OstredokWinter hike
Krizné view from OstredokKrizné from Ostredok

Ostredok is the highest summit in the Velká Fatra range. It stands on the southern and highest region of the range.

With an altitude failing to reach 1600 for a story of few meters, it can still be admitted in the restrained club of the big northern-carpathian tops out of the Tatras, along with other giants like Babia Góra, Rozsutec, Veľký Choč, Kriváň and so on.

However, "top" is an usurping word, not less than what the name etymology's suggests (it comes from "ostry", sharp), since Ostredok is a huge bare dome of grass, a real meadow whose undetectable curves could even get someone lost by foggy weather. The hungarian name is "Közbérc", I am still searching for the equivalent in german, but I'm not sure there is one.

Ostredok is neighbored by Križna on the south, 1574m, which shares the same grassy character, but defigurated by a radio tranmitter. On the north, the secondary top of Suchý Vrch (1550m) makes a continuity, but, with limestone outcrops and covered with dwarf pines, it has a completely different appearance. Still further north follow Ploská (1532m), and Borišov (soon with its SP page).

Ostredok is usually hiked as a traverse along with most of these summits. Despite kind of monotonous, it is an exhilarating hike in most seasons, with stunning views to many ranges around, including the southern side of the Tatras. In winter, it makes a great ski or snowshoes tour. Beware however of avalanches that can occur on the SW steeep slope.
Early Morning Poem"Early Morning Poem"

Getting There

Crossing the desertic grassy immensities of the Veľká FatraCrossing the desertic grassy immensities
Descent from Ostredok to Dedosova ValleyTo Dedosova valley
on the way on OstredokSnowy Ostredok
Frckov from OstredokFrckov peaklet
On the crestRidge walk
View from Ostredok on Suchy VrchSuchy Vrch
Frckov - 1585 m.Frckov

Blatnica, Staré Hory and Liptovské Revúce, located all around the are the the Velká Fatra range, respectively west, south and east, are the most convenient trailheads to reach this mountain. All three are served by bus if needed.

By car, these points can be reached via Martin, Banská Bystrica or Ružomberok. Martin is best reached from Žilina and the D1 motorway that links it to Bratislava. Banská Bystrica might be convenient for those coming from Budapest and the R1 road. Ružomberok is best when coming from East, or Poland, but only the Zakopane region. Reaching Velká Fatra is usually problematic (small roads, etc etc) if we come from places more west in Poland or Czech Republic.

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Crossing the desertic grassy immensities of the Veľká Fatra, here from the top of Ostredok, highest of the regionCrossing the desertic grassy immensities


Crossing the desertic grassy immensities of the Veľká FatraCrossing the desertic grassy immensities
Going down from KrížnaDesertic...
Me crossing the desertic grassy immensities of the Veľká Fatra :)Desertic...
South from the top Ploská, we cross the desertic grassy immensities of the Veľká FatraTrail sample
Going down from Krížna, almost back in Liptovské RevúceUpper Revúca

Many routes lead to Ostredok, on which runs the red trail that crosses the whole range of Velká Fatra. Consequently, by using this route, we reach it via Križna on the south, or Suchý Vrch on the north.

The most direct and most used route is from Vyšná Revúca on the East. By the yellow-marked trail that reaches this ridge.

Another way to reach it is from the south and Staré Hory (blue trail), or Turecká, shorter but under the ski pylons.

Ostredok is also served by a green-marked trail on its western slope, going to Dedošová dolina. A much longer itinerary.

One can also consider a long hike from Turčianske Teplice and a very accidented region rich in limestone outcrops, Turčiansky Hrebeň.

From Krížna, looking to the West side of the Veľká FatraCrossing the desertic grassy immensities


Sunset from the top of Borišov, looking Est to Ploská and OstredokEvening view to Ostredok (right)
The hut  Koliba nad Kráľovou Studňou Koliba nad Kráľovou Studňou
The hut  Salaš Smrekovica Salaš Smrekovica
The main ridge of Velká FatraVistas
From Ostredok we get splendid views to the south of the <a href= >Western Tatras</a>Tatras views
Crest of Velka FatraOstredok in spring
Velka Fatra range under rainRainy day

* Wildcamping, bicvouacquing :
Beware, Velká Fatra is one of the areas the most populated with bears in Slovakia. Camp only over the tree-line. At your own risk ! Otherwise consider option #3 below.

* Mountain huts :
The massif has three guarded mountain huts of very various standard, and unfortunately the poorest of them is the closest to Ostredok. Horský hotel Kráľova Studňa used to have a horrible reputation of gloomy place (read the comments on these pictures). However some important works ended in 2009. No idea if they changed a lot the quality of the place. If not, I strongly advise to switch to the next section and pick one...

* Huts, cabins, shelters ("Koliba", "Salaš", "Útulňa", "Prístrešok", etc):
Velká Fatra is probably the range in Slovakia, where one can find the highest density of unguarded huts of such types. They are all listed on this page of the site, and are almost 20. Beware, far from all are open (use Google to translate the Slovak description), and all of them belong to someone, mostly sherperds. They, and only them, decide if they want you to stay or not, if you are seen... For Ostredok, a crowd of possibilities. From the north, not less than four huts are available. From the most remote to the closest : Útulňa Balcierovo, Salaš pod Kýškami, Salaš Mandolína and Salaš pod Suchým vrchom. On the SW, not very far from the so criticized "Horský Hotel", are two beautiful huts clost to each other and located in sceneric location: Koliba nad Kráľovou studňou, and Salaš Smrekovica, slightly further in the valley below. Búda pri Malom Šturci can be convenient at the start of one of the trailheads on the south, while Koliba pod Repišťom, in very poor state, can ultimately serve in the SE. Click on "Mapa" for each of them to see the exact position.

* Hotels in the valleys:
In Vyšná Revúca is located a convenient basic hikers hotel : Chata Horec, where one can request to leave the car parked in front of it for a couple of days thanks to the kind owners.
Panorama from SmrekovView from Smrekow (neighbourhood of the SW huts)



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