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The 2Cam achieves the narrowest profile of any camming device through the use of its directly opposed cam design. Traditional devices with offset cams become unbalanced when only two cams are inserted into a shallow crack. Splitter Gear's patented overlapping cam design provides climbers with efficient protection for all parallel cracks and typical pin scars. Due to the opposing cam design and lightweight, the 2Cam excels as a typical traditional protection piece. The device can be placed as passive protection and having the cams directly opposed eliminates “walking” in a deep parallel crack. Aside from 2Cam's versatility, it has been designed with a thumb catch for comfort and a large clip in loop that accommodates gloves. With only two cams, independent cam action is not a concern.

Sizes Available:
#1-----Range in mm-----18.8-27.7-----mass in grams-----62
#2-----Range in mm-----22.1-33-----mass in grams-----66
#3-----Range in mm-----26.1-38.9-----mass in grams-----71

*Two new cam sizes (0.5 & 0.6) also available. Unknow data.


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JScoles - Nov 10, 2003 2:15 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
I picked up a full set of these puppies near the end of this season mainly to replace some 20 year plus gear I had on my rack and cut down on the number specialized pro pieces I carry. I can now drop my Ball-nuts, Tech nuts and small stoppers off my rack thanks to these sweet tools.

They claim to fit in very shallow cracks and as the area I climb in abounds in shallow cracks I figured I would give them a try. I can safely say these are the best cams I have had the pleasure to use in quite a while. They fit and stay put in the shallowest of cracks far better than any of the other gizmos I have tried over the years.

Their action is smooth and not too heavy and the cams stay put when placed, no walking in at all and they never once popped out of a shallow crack. I found it was practically impossible to over cam them and they really rocked as a piece of static pro.

The large and mid range cams worked well in horizontal placements with little deformation and no levering. The smaller two I would not use in a horizontal crack as I they looked like they were being levered out by the wire.

They are a radical design but are just as easy to use as any 4 or 3 cam perhaps even easer as you do not have to worry if all your cams have contact with the rock. If the splitter can get in the crack and make contact, it will hold. So far I have had them in a crack less that 2 cm deep, truly outstanding. I was even able to use them as pro for climbing a brick wall.

The bad points are 1) the shallowest profile is only on one side of the cam this occasionally caused some fumbling about. 2) Their breaking strength, though acceptable, is a little behind similar sized cams which may concern some.

Their action is as smooth as any other especially the large ones. The smaller ones are a little stiff but still very good and like all single wire cams defrom somewhat when triggered.

For comparison the largest size has about the same range as a 1.75 friend while the smallest goes well below a 00 friend.

I give them a 5.

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