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Product Description


The Hilleberg Akto sets a standard hard to beat in solo shelters. The Akto boasts a modified tunnel design which helps provide incredible strength and stability with a deceptive amount of space for a solo shelter. The Akto also combines a light weight design and superb packability with a small footprint and low profile to help create a highly versatile tent suitable for most any conditions and environments. This is one bomber solo shelter.



While much of the Akto's strength is derived from its tunnel design,its Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric boasts a 26 lb per sq. inch tear strength and 77 lb per sq. inch tension strength adding to its strength and stability. Pre-attached guy lines and runners at all corners and both sides along the pole sleeve; and single 9mm DAC pole with pole tensioner add greatly to tent stability in windy conditions. The full width pole sleeve and cup can accommodate a second 9mm DAC pole for added stability in severe weather.

Ventilation is achieved through the use of two fully zippered and adjustable vents at the head and foot of the tent along with an adjustable vent placed at the top of the outer door which is operable from inside.

For convenience, both the inner and outer tent come linked together by a toggle system allowing for both to be pitched simultaneously. This system also allows for the outer to be used separately as a single wall shelter, or the use of the inner as a single wall shelter (requires the purchase of two extra pole holders) in fair weather . It also allows for the inner to be partially collapsed for increased vestibule space adding to the tents versatility.

To help keep the weather out, Hilleberg's Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric boasts three silicone coatings on both the inner and outer surfaces and the inner tent is coated with a DWR finish. Both fabrics are highly permeable to air and aid in ventilation/breathability.The Akto also boasts a tub floor design to help keep the floor dry. When used with a separately purchased footprint, ground moisture is mostly assured to be a non-issue.

Within the Akto's low profile and small footprint lies a deceptively appreciable vestibule capable of handling a fair amount of gear. To increase vestibule space, simply detach a toggle from the inner tent.

With a packed weight of 3 lbs 5 oz, the Akto is ounces heavier than a stout bivy sack.

Dimensions : 88 inches in length. 36 inches wide at its center point. 24 inches wide at the shoulder and foot. 36 inch inner peak height.

Light weight and a compact package insure premium packability.


Negative issues with the Akto are mostly minor. The biggest issue would seem to be cost. As with all Hilleberg tents, the Akto does not come cheap. Its base price directly from Hilleberg is currently $465.00 U.S. Adding extras such as the footprint, extra pole and pole holders, one can quickly approach over $500.00 U.S. for a solo shelter.

The Akto can take a little practice to pitch in order to get things just right. Also, it is not a free standing shelter and must be pegged or anchored in order to stand.

Ventilation does seem to be an issue as the Akto tends to produce condensation along the outer tent inner surface in moist environments. Also, breath hoar can build up along the inner tent inner surface in frozen alpine environments as well. With such a small shelter, these problems are foreseeable.

All in all, to this user, Hilleberg has succeeded in creating a highly versatile, incredibly strong and secure solo shelter which can handle most any conditions one wishes to use it in. This is one bomber solo shelter I would highly recommend.


Suitable for most environments

Performed well in 40 - 50 mph winds and driving sleet and snow

Adjustable vents on the outer tent at the head and foot

The seperate footprint also covers the vestibule area

The Akto provides an appreciable vestibule and compfortable inner space.



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