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Object Title: Aliens

Manufacturer: Colorado Custom

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Created/Edited: Jun 11, 2002 / Jun 11, 2002

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Internal springs allow these 4-cam units to fit in the width of most 3-cam units, yet offer more camming surface area

Single-stem design allows flexibility and control for deeper, more stable placements; use around corners, over edges and in deep pockets
Cams of 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy and axles of hardened stainless steel make Aliens super-strong and durable
Aluminum handles and pullers, plus webbing tube sheaths over the stems improve trigger action and reduce wear
Quality computer-controlled machining combined with quality silver-brazed connections create dependable, durable units
Sewn-on color-coded nylon sling simplifies racking
Available in 7 sizes, see specifications listed below for size = range / strength / weight / color:
3/8 = 9.7 - 16.5mm / 9.3kN / 64g / blue
1/2 = 13.5 - 22.1mm / 11.6kN / 65g / green
3/4 = 15.2 - 26.9mm / 12.9kN / 75g / yellow
1 = 19.3 - 34mm / 12.9kN / 80g / red
1-1/2 = 26.1 - 41.4mm / 15.6kN / 110g / orange
2 = 30.5 - 49.5mm / 15.6kN / 122g / violet
2-1/2 = 35.5 - 59.7mm / 15.6kN / 139g / white

Made in USA.


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Bill OttUntitled Review

Voted 5/5

While aiding the C2 pitch on Lost Arrow Spire a piece popped out, and the next lower piece, a .5 Alien with only (two) lobes in a well worn and flared pin scar, held. Aliens have my vote for reliable and rugged.
Posted Jun 26, 2002 2:15 pm

miztflipUntitled Review

Voted 5/5

I use aliens for all my small camming pieces on both aid and free climbs. They are very durable and easy to place. I like the flexible stem for awkward placements. They have my vote for the best small camming devices.
Posted Jun 26, 2002 5:40 pm

TodoVerticalUntitled Review

Voted 5/5

The have been the key to our goals for years. Work better than anything in holes and limestone.
Posted Nov 3, 2002 7:00 am

bigwallyUntitled Review

Voted 5/5

Aliens are a very versitile and functional tool; flexible stem, high test strength, narrow width, great holding power and smooth action. They also sem to be highly resistant to abuse and damage. The three smallest sizes I can highly recommend as some of the best made.!!!!!
Posted Jan 26, 2003 10:38 am

NYC007Untitled Review

Voted 5/5

LOve them, smoother than zeros and easier to place then tcu's. Other then clogging when dirty (which should get that dirty!!) Have no complaints, camming range is the best amongst the smaller cams..
Posted Sep 15, 2003 5:06 pm

Erik BeelerUntitled Review

Voted 5/5

I have a full set of these and love them. The flexible stem is the best part about them allowing you to put them into less than perfect placements. The first time I had to do this was on Petit Grepon and the flexible stem allowed me to use a placement that I would have had to pass by.

They are also some of, if not the lightest camming units around so they will help your rack weight out too.
Posted Nov 30, 2004 11:28 am

Steve LarsonGood, quirky slightly niche product

Voted 4/5

Okay, these are good cams, but I have yet to find a cam that has it all: good range, flexibility, light weight, strength, holding power, etc. My major issue with Aliens is that the cables that pull them back aren't fixed, meaning the cams have a tendency to rotate away from a symmetrical rest position. That means I've had to fiddle with putting the lobes of the cam back into place before placing them. This may be an advantage for certain types of climbing, but not for the climbs I've used them on. Aliens fans tend toward the religious in their devotion, but I don't think that's warranted except for those special applications where their awesome flexibility makes them indispensable.
Posted Feb 4, 2005 9:25 pm

SheetsJust got 'em

Hasn't voted

The recall made me skeptical of these cams but after using them in pin-scarred Valley climbs I have to say I'm a believer. For the smaller cams, they're somewhat cheaper than the BD C3's too.

Posted Mar 6, 2007 9:52 pm

IceRavinesA standard tool for flaring cracks

Voted 5/5

I have used the Aliens and Camalots on a lot of climbs and the Aliens are 1 of the few which have proved themselves on flared cracks and pin scares...they have a tremendous bite and the single cable w/sling have great flexability in placments. I use the Camalots for the larger crack systems but Aliens still rule in the smaller crack systems & pin scares.
Posted Mar 14, 2007 1:43 am

lizrdboyNever leave the ground without them

Voted 5/5

Nothing beats Aliens for small to mid cams. And they work great on any rock.
Posted Mar 21, 2007 2:26 am

binersrcoolso-so midsize

Hasn't voted

I love aliens! They always feel solid. The bummer is their range though- pretty sad. an orange alien is comprable to a green bd, and a black metolius, but both bd and metolius can fit smaller cracks for the same size cam.
Posted Aug 6, 2007 12:15 am

Tsuyoshigreat small cams...

Voted 3/5

in dry warmer weather... they can freeze up in cold conditions making them dead weight. But for warmer conditions, you can never go wrong with aliens!
Posted Feb 11, 2009 4:52 pm

NCclimberGreat for shallow cracks

Voted 4/5

I've used these everywhere I've been, they take cracks easily, bite down, and hang out over the edge. Not surprising that a lot of other companies are starting to use the single flexible stem.
Posted Apr 1, 2009 1:45 pm

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