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The "Environmental Sock System" is a multi component sock system consisting of a Coolmax® liner sock and two unique reversed terry nap U.S. Wool and Polypropylene blend boot socks. Both liner and wool socks must be worn together to make the system work.

The "Coolmax®" liner sock promotes the natural cooling action of the body by wicking away moisture, keeping the foot ultra-dry and comfortable while minimizing foot odor and bacteria build-up. Soft, lightweight Coolmax® fibers transport heat and moisture away from the skin more effectively than any other fibers.

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The "Extreme Weather" boot sock is uniquely constructed of a high density reversed terry nap designed to withstand maximum load conditions and provide excellent insulation whether one is hiking, backpacking, cross country skiing, mountain climbing or exploring the desert conditions of -40ºF to +120ºF. The sock is comprised of an intimate blend of 47% U.S. Wool, 47% Polypropylene yarn, and 6% Nylon yarn selected for it's superior insulation, durability, and moisture transport properties. The high density knit construction and crimped fiber design prevents cold and/or heat from penetrating the environment of the foot.

The "All Weather" boot sock is a lighter weight version of the "Extreme Weather" sock for less extreme temperature and load conditions from 0ºF to +100ºF. The sock is composed of an intimate blend of 45% U.S. Wool, 45% Polypropylene yarn, and 10% Nylon selected for its superior insulation, durability, and moisture transport properties.


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bbense - Mar 12, 2003 7:26 am - Voted 5/5

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I got my first pair of these socks last summer and I've

been using then in both summer and winter since.

The outer socks are thick and heavy, but they are

the most comfortable, warmest socks I've ever used.

They probably are only appropriate for use with

big boots and heavy loads.

The expedition weight ones are too thick to be used

as replacements for regular socks. You'd need to fit

the boots to your socks. Even the all-weather

can be too thick for some boots.

The best way to think of these is as a kind of a cross

between a custom fit boot liner and a sock. They provide a cushion between your foot and the boot

that does not collapse as the day goes on. I have

one pair of nordic ski boots that have always given

me blisters on a long day, these socks have eliminated

that problem.

I particularly like the liner socks in that they are

calf height, by themselves they work well as

a good alpine ski sock in warm weather.

Since the price of these socks is not outrageous,

I think they are worth trying if you're having blister

problems. If you have a sock combo that works

for you already, then there is no reason to switch.

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