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Ascent SL
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Ascent SL

Ascent SL

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Object Title: Ascent SL

Manufacturer: REI

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Page By: 2skinners

Created/Edited: Mar 24, 2007 / Mar 24, 2007

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Product Description

REI Ascent Shocklight Trekking Poles - Pair

Price: $99.95

Lightweight and rattle-resistant, REIĀ® Ascent Shocklight trekking poles supply support and stability without disturbing the peace.

Information obtained from REI.com


ON/OFF Shock Absorber for the choice of a rigid pole or a pole with a little give for shock absorbtion.

Telescoping poles for quite a wide variety of lengths possible. Which makes for easy storage when they are compacted.

Adjustable wrist straps.

Fitted with trekking disks and extra-durable tungsten carbide tips.

Rubber tip protectors.

Made from aluminum for durability and lightness.

Top tier holding power on the locking mechanism. 50% more holding power than other locking mechanisms tested.

No rattle.


Weight - Pair (20 oz.)

Shaft Material - Aluminum 7075-T6

Maximum Length - 55 inches

Minimum Length - 27.5 inches

Shock Absorber - Yes

Grip - Rubber/Foam



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2skinnersLearning curve, but I think they're worth it

Voted 2/5

I have used these poles for about 3 months now. I must say that I think I have noticed that my knees do not hurt quite as much anymore. The shock absorbers seem to work pretty well. The downside, I have found is user knowledge-deficit. I have had to replace my set once already. Thank GOD for REI's 100% satisfaction return policy. The problem I have seen with these, is that they can be overtightened if you do not know how to use them entirely correctly. This causes the internal locking mechanism to crack and thus you can lose one half of your trekking pole. However, if you have the saleperson show you the correct way to tighten them, I'm sure it will increase the lifetime of your poles. The other upside to these poles is that the length is adjustable. This works great for steep slopes. I have shortened the length of one while keeping the length of the other a bit longer. It makes for great stability when traversing these steep slopes. They can also act as an effective brake for glissading if you don't have an ice ax with you.
Posted Jun 17, 2007 4:06 am

2skinnersRe: Learning curve, but I think they're worth it

Voted 2/5

I am going to add to my last review. I think as far as saving the knees these work great. But I still continue to have issues with the locking mechanisms. My poles still seem to come unlocked at the most inconvient of times. In my opinion, I would look to another brand. I will be taking mine back.
Posted Jun 28, 2007 4:55 pm

Augie MedinaStill Need Work

Voted 3/5

I just got a new pair of this model and have only used them a couple of times. They're the first trekking poles I've had with a shock absorption system and I like the feature. However, as mentioned in 2skinners' review, the lock/unlock, tightening system is not very intuitive and you have to be careful so you don't screw up the mechanism. For $100 I expected to be better accomodated on the learning curve. They are lightweight, that's a plus. But I'm still reserving judgment on this model for awhile.
Posted Sep 17, 2007 7:11 pm


Voted 3/5

very good for a while before issues began to arise...if it were not for the people at rei routinely fixing them for free they would likely have ended up in the trash...some of the newer replacements have fixed up some previous problems however
Posted Apr 7, 2008 10:56 pm

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