Asolo Distance Approach Shoe


Asolo Distance Approach Shoe
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Object Title Asolo Distance Approach Shoe
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Product Description

The Asolo Distance is designed to be a light weight, long distance scrambling/approach shoe with enough stiffness to handle a moderate load on the trail.


I'd been looking for a tough, lightweight approach shoe that wasn't a glorified running shoe with flat soles that tend to slip on steep downhill descents. I also walk everyday, often in wet grass and these stay reasonably dry for not being a "lined" boot and as a result, they're a little bit cooler than the GoreTex lined shoes I often wear in wet conditions. I also have a B width foot and often have a hard time finding shoes or boots that don't slip in the heel but the ankle to toe lacing solved that problem. There seemed to be enough room in the lacing to accomodate a D width foot as well. The insole is close fitting like a rock shoe and they edge fairly well as a result. When I first put these on I thought that I'd have to return them for a 1/2 size larger but once I laced them up and pulled my heel back into the heel pocket they fit like a good climbing shoe with little to no slop at all. The sole is a bit hard inside so I wouldn't recommend them for walking on sidewalks or concrete but the minute you go "off road" these shoes really kick in. I plan to wear these on several approaches this summer as well as for peak bagging and scrambling and so far they are exactly the type of shoe I've been looking for. If I planned to do some 5.9 rock climbing I'd take my real climbing shoes but for everything else these shoes should be fine. If you're looking for a comfy walking shoe with lots of padding then go for the "tenny" style. If you're looking for a close fitting approach/scrambling shoe with a sticky sole then this is the shoe for you. The only shortcoming I see (which is typical in any low-cut approach or hiking shoe) is the tendency to roll at times like when you step on a loose rock or off a hard edge.



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