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Digital altimeter

Working range from -2296 ft. (-700m) to 29,500 ft. (9000m)

Stores 20 altimeter data readings with altitude, time, and date

User option for feet or meters

Reads in 1ft(1m) increments

Accumulated and maximum altitude reading


Digital barometer

Resolution 1mbar with working range from 300 mbar to 1100 mbar

Sea level barometer reading

Bar chart for barometric trend for the past 24 hours

Barometer pressure updated every minute

Weather forecast


Digital compass

Resolution 1 degree with 16 direction pointers

Adjustable declination

Displays bearing in degrees and cardinal points

User option for single or continuous reading


Digital thermometer

0.1-degree resolution

Working range from –4F (-20C) to 158F(70C)

User option for Celsius or Fahrenheit


Time with hour, minute, second, month, date, and weekday

User option for 12/24-hour format

2 time zones

Auto calendar from 2000 to 2049


2 daily alarms and hourly chime signal

20 second alarm sound at alarm time


1/100-second-resolution chronograph with 24 hour working range

Chronograph with lap/split time measurement

100-lap memory capacity in a maximum of 30 runs

Each run stores the run number, month, day, lap number, lap split, time and average lap time


3 second EL backlight

Water Resistant

30 meters

Requires One CR2032 battery

Diameter of Lens 1 1/8”


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Rinat Shagisultanov - Oct 24, 2004 3:09 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
My wife got this multifunctional watch as a birthday gift from our friends. The device seems to be sleek and solid in construction, the using is easy to usderstand without reading the manual (thought the manual is written in a good and infornative style which is worth reading). I is is small than the Suunto's watches and it is more sutable to woman or other peoplpe who do not want to expose the gear wearing a casual cloth :-))

I would give this device 4 stars for now and I shall keep these notes updated based on the experience in the field.

Brad Marshall - Jun 2, 2008 8:45 pm - Hasn't voted

Piece of SH*T
I purchased a new Highgear Axis over the Internet only to have it fail in the first week of use. I contacted the vendor who told me contact Highgear regarding the warranty. Highgear asked who I bought it from and when I told then they simply informed me that the firm was not an authorized dealer so the warranty is VOID!!!

Tsuyoshi - Mar 6, 2009 5:48 am - Voted 3/5

isn't great but isn't too bad...
i got this on steep and cheap for $30. i've used it in all sorts of weather and it seems to do alright. as with all altimeters, it's a good idea to reset elevation at known points. i never really notices the altimeter function being too far off.

the alarm on the watch is way too quiet and easy to sleep though.

mine finally died after two years of use. the alarm stopped altogether (i never used it anyway though) and the backlight stopped working. the altimeter and everything else still works but i don't use it.

for the money, it can't be beat. but don't pay full price for it. save up a bit and get something nicer. but if you find it on sale, you might as well get it, especially if you find it for $30. it sure outperformed the price i paid for it... no regrets!

asaking11 - Jun 8, 2009 2:12 am - Voted 3/5

Decent Watch
This watch is pretty decent. I bought this watch from steepandcheap for 25 bucks so I can't really complain. The thermometer reads about 8-12 degrees hotter then it actually is when you are wearing it.

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