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Warning! This item has been discontinued. Sierra Trading Post carries it now (20 May, 2002) for a very low price ($90). You can also find it used on auction sites.

From Sierra Trading Post:

"Lightweight freaks have long believed that most of the time a tarp is as good as a tent. Only tarps don't always survive extreme conditions. Enter the Bat Ray... the perfect tarp/tent hybrid for weight-conscious
campers. Two poles joined with tensile line form frame of the tent. Tent can be shut down allowing minimal access to elements, or opened for balmier conditions. Polyurethane-coated polyester with no-see-um mesh." article:

"The Bat Ray 4 feels more like a tent than a tarp. The entire perimeter is flush to the ground...A hoop pole at the rear of the shelter, along with a pole support in the front creates enough headroom for four people to sit and play cards. Ventilation comes from the mesh skirts along the side and the large front entrance, which is top-to-bottom mesh with a zipper down the middle. The screen doors can be rolled up and tied back for better views or enhanced ventilation in bug-free environments...there's a window at the rear that's ideal for star gazing."


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mpbro - Jun 29, 2002 5:25 pm - Voted 4/5

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Tentative indications are good for this product.
  • Excellent width for two people. Definitely more roomy than other "2-person" tents I've tried/owned.
  • Bugs. The mozzies were thick and aggressive, but we managed to keep all of them out..
  • Customizable setup. Lots of guying options.
  • Insulative. I stayed surprisingly warm. Again, on a windless night, but I was happy.

  • Headroom. OK, so I'm 6'8", and I don't fit well in anything, but the height of this thing tapers very quickly toward the toe end. Unless you push your head waaay back against the head of the shelter, you'll have trouble sitting up.
  • Condensation. Admittedly, we tried it on an atrocious night of condensation (cold, windless, near a large lake). It was worst down near the toes. Presumably there are options to vent near the bottom, but do these compromise the bug resistance???
  • Customizable setup. Lots of guying options. Yup, this is a disadvantage when you're in a rush or getting annhilated by mosquitoes.

  • Wind. Even when well guyed out, I do not think this puppy will do well in the wind. It may require some "creative" guying.

PCHoran - Jul 29, 2002 1:07 pm - Voted 4/5

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I have the Bat Ray 4 but mostly wanted to add to the previous review. While I agree with most of the concerns raised, I really love this shelter. It offers a lot of room and protection for the weight. Condensation can be a problem if you don't get airflow through the mesh skirts. On an island camping trip there was lots of water on the inside roof surface. Stability in high wind requires pitching the tail (low end) into the wind. A cross breeze will push the canopy into your face.

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