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Beal Flyer II
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Manufacturer Beal, distributed by Black Diamond
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Product Description

The Beal Flyer II is a very durable, yet lightweight, all around lead rope, that offers climbers the best choice for a "one rope that does it all" purchase. This rope has one of the lowest impact force ratings in the industry. At 64 grams per meter it is only a few grams per foot heavier than the 9.2-10.0 mm class of ropes, yet held 10 falls in testing. I has also passed the 1.77 factor fall over an edge radius of .75 mm. test, which gives this rope a "sharp edge" rating. The 9.8% elongation adds to the extremely low impact force, and delivers very soft catches, making it very belayer friendly. The high elongation rate will require longer recovery time after a hard fall, so keep that in mind when working the crux moves. This rope exhibits no sheath slippage.

All Beal ropes have a dry treatment on the sheath, and they are also available with a "Golden Dry" coating that protects the inner core material also.

The Beal Flyer II has an easy to spot center mark, to aid when setting up rappels, and is available in 60 and 70m lengths.


Thickness: 10.2mm
Type: Single
Weight: 64g/m
Length: 60m, 70m
Dry: Yes
Impact Force: 7.4kN
Elongation: 9.6%
Falls: 10
Center Mark: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year
Sheath Construction: Double-pick 48 bobbins
Recommended Use: Sport and trad climbing



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T Sharp - Jan 1, 2008 4:46 pm - Voted 5/5

Great Rope
The Beal flyer II is far and away the most durable, and best handling rope I have ever purchased. After 2 complete seasons, many miles of lead climbing, and several top-roping days, it has very little fraying, or twisting of the sheath, The coating on the sheath is very durable, and has repelled water and dirt very effectively. I will admit I have never washed this rope, but my hands are clean after a day of climbing and belaying, showing there is no dirt built up in the fibers of the sheath. It gives very soft catches when you fall, lays flat when flaked out, and coils and plays out easily, making transitions at belays easy and worry free.

This is far and away the best rope I have ever owned or used. Its lightweight, low impact force, easy handling, and durability have convinced me to replace it with the exact same line, both of which have been purchased online for under $150.00 each.

I would not recommend this rope for glacier travel due to its relatively high percentage of elongation, which will make prussicing/ascending more difficult.

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