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Below Another Sky, A Mountain Adventure in Search of a Lost Father
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Below Another Sky, A Mountain Adventure in Search of a Lost Father

Below Another Sky, A Mountain Adventure in Search of a Lost Father

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Object Title: Below Another Sky, A Mountain Adventure in Search of a Lost Father

Manufacturer: Rick Ridgeway

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Book Summary

Paraphrased from online synopsis:

'Back in 1980 in the wake of a churning, terrifying avalanche on a remote Tibetan mountain face, Rick Ridgeway cradled his dying friend, Jonathan Wright, in his arms and pledged to keep watch over Jonathan's daughter. The girl, named Asia, after the mountainous land her father so loved, was a baby at the time.

The years passed, and Asia, now a headstrong young woman asked Ridgeway to take her to her father's beloved Himalayas, to search for the place where he died. Contemplating turning fifty, Ridgeway realizes that such a journey will be meaningful for him in ways that Asia can't even imagine, as he reflects on his own past, present, and future.

Below Another Sky chronicles this adventure, which takes the pair from the famed Khumbu region to Kathmandu, around sacred Mount Kailas, across the desolate Chang Tang Plateau to the Crystal Mountains. Their trek through this forbidding terrain -- under threat from storms and jumpy Chinese border patrols -- is a fitting backdrop for the precarious personal journeys that Ridgeway and Asia share, as they allow Jonathan's memory to become a lens through which they reflect upon -- and temper -- their own lives. As he talks to Asia about the man her father was, and the life he might have led.'

Product Details

Price: $15.00/paperback

Paperback: 206 pages

Author: Rick Ridgeway

Publisher: Owl Books

Year Published: 2002

Language: English

ISBN: 9-780805-069273



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silversummitNothing to really recommend this book

Voted 1/5

Other than descriptions of their trek through some lesser known parts of the Himalaya and the frequent references to Yvon (Yvon Chouinard, Rick and Jonathan's climbing companion), I found this book boring and sometimes confusing. Rick jumps around in time in his attempt to explore his thoughts and feelings about his life all while he is traveling with Asia. Sometimes I felt like I was reading a confession of sorts but maybe I just didn't get Ridgeway's analysis of his experiences and need to be a father to Asia. If someone else does get more out of this book, please write a review here!
Posted Aug 13, 2010 8:48 pm

MarmadukeI enjoyed the book

Voted 5/5

So many of the climbing books have such enflated ego driven stories behind them. This book had a humanistic soft side that I enjoyed.
Posted Oct 5, 2011 11:52 pm

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