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Big Wall Ladders
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Big Wall Ladders


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Object Title: Big Wall Ladders

Manufacturer: Yates

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Page By: bigwally

Created/Edited: Jan 23, 2003 / Jan 23, 2003

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* "New" Smaller diameter spreader bar!

* Big Wall Ladders offer the simplicity of traditional 1” Etriers with the comfort of 2” Wall Etries. Built in spreader bar insures that steps remain open without causing “foot pinching”.

* Ladders can be linked together to increase length for cheater stick moves. Built-in full strength wrist loop. YATES Big Wall Ladders are the next generation of wall ascent gear!

* 6 Step Big Wall Ladder measures 70”.

*"New" 7 Step Big Wall Ladder measures 81”.

ITEM# 532(6 Step) $35.00

ITEM# 532(7 Step) $37.50


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bigwallyUntitled Review

Voted 5/5

The Yates Big Wall Ladders are simply the way that aiders ought to be. I only agonize over the years that I spent straightening out tangled aiders or fumbling to get my foot in a twisted step.....all wasted Time and Energy. The Yates product is constructed as a ladder, with parallel sides, so that they are inherently tangle-free. Each ladder has a spreader bar so that the steps stay open and receptive to your feet at all times. The 2" wide steps are very comfortable, all day long. I recommend the 7-Step Ladder. At 81" it allows you the length to "step-down" to test the next piece, which significantly adds to both Safety and Peace of Mind. The Optimal situation is always 2 pairs of aiders. It works very well to buy a longer pair and a shorter pair.When climbing, if you put together a short and a long to form one pair, you will always have a long one to "step down" to test with. Anyway that you do it, these Yates Ladders are unsurpassed. I have NO INTENTION of ever doing any extended aiding again, without them. They might be a little "pricey" but they are artfully designed, sturdily constructed and have proven to be extremely durable. They could well be the aiders, for the Rest of my Life !!!!!
Posted Jan 23, 2003 11:12 pm

nefariusRe: Untitled Review

Voted 5/5

Nice. Yates gear, in general, is the shit! Spend a few extra bucks for the burliest stuff on the planet. In the long run you'll save $$$ as you won't be replacing things as often.

The Yates Big Wall Ladders are also really nice for wearing your climbing shoes while standing in aiders. I size my shoes a little larger than I normally would, so they are comfortable and I can wear socks with them. I have also fitted them with Montrail inserts for a little more rigidity. Compliment all of this with the Yates 2" ladders and you're ready to bust in and out of aid to free moves all day long.
Posted Apr 10, 2007 2:11 pm

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