Calanques 8.5mm 60m (Half)


Calanques 8.5mm 60m (Half)
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Object Title Calanques 8.5mm 60m (Half)
Manufacturer Edelweiss
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Description / Specs

Edelweiss Calanques 8.5mm 60m half-rope (doubles)

Treatments: Super-Everdry, Perdur

Diameter - 8,5 mm
Weight - 48 g/m
Elongation 5-80 kg - 9,0 %
Impact force - ~ 5,80 kN
Falls / Average of tests UIAA - 10


All around dynamic half-rope. Known for good cold weather handling, technical and alpine applications.

Super Everydry Technology:

Edelweiss was the first climbing rope maker to apply an Everdry treatment to its fibers. The benefits are self evident. Wet ropes are heavier, take longer to dry, and are more liable to freezing and stiffening. In our Alpine ropes all fibres, in the core and the sheath, have our Super-Everdry treatment. This surpasses our standard Everdry treatment, where only the sheath fibers are treated, and competitive treatments.

Perdur Technology:

Another special process developed by the Edelweiss team is coating the ropes with Perdur. With a weight of 10 kg the rope is pulled up and down across an abrasive rod. The rope is simulaneously rotated and this realistically re-creates the damage suffered during climbing activity. This test shows that the Perdur coating increases the abrasion resistance by 33% - and this for exactly the same type of rope!



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robojeda - Feb 11, 2007 6:01 pm - Voted 4/5

Good Cords
I am pleased with the quality of these ropes. They've convinced a few friends to pick up halfs.

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