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Category Description

Although much canyoneering gear overlaps with regular climbing gear (e.g., harnesses, helmets, rappel devices), there is also quite a lot that is unique to canyoneering because of the conditions found in canyons that are not found elsewhere. Water is one big difference, whether you're talking about a still pool or one with current. Thus, as examples, wet suits, dry bags, and pothole escape tools are unique to canyoneering (and perhaps caving).

This category page is intended to include gear that is specialized for, or mainly oriented to, canyoneering. Specialized products would include canyoneering (static) rope, pull cords, wet and dry suits, dry bags and dry kegs, rope and pull cord bags, safety tethers, canyoneering shoes, canyoneering packs, and pothole escape tools. Products not exclusively for canyoneering, but used in this activity, include rappel devices such the Pirana, HMS belay carabiners, ascenders, rappelling gloves and bolting gear.