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A generalnMountianering boot sutiable for all seasons.

Designed to be tough and waterproof with Hydroblock. This is our registered trade mark which identifies only the best quality leathers used by us, as well as proofing cream and spray conditioner.

It is the registered trade mark of Zamberlan to identify only the best quality waterproof and abrasion resistant finishes. Only the leathers which meet our exacting standards are labelled HYDROBLOC®. Zamberlan inspects and sample tests every batch of leather to ensure it meets our standard for branding as HYDROBLOC®.

The boot is also made with the Zamberlan Tacking System
which is our exclusive construction method. After cementing the upper to the midsole with special glue we then tack around the edge using brass tacks. We use varying lengths of tacks along the boot depending on the thickness of the midsole. Using this system allows the outersoles to be easily replaced when necessary as the uppers will remain in good shape due to this solid method of construction.


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JScoles - Mar 5, 2002 11:28 am - Voted 4/5

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I can safely say that this is one tough boot. The leather is very thick and very waterproof and is still rather light when compared to other boots in the same class. It hasn’t been very cold here this winter so the coldest I have worn it in –20c. My feet stayed warm with only one pair of wool socks but I was out hiking and not standing on a belay.

I have used them now for one season and have put some moderate mixed-climbing, some ice climbing and a good deal hiking on the boots. I found them to hold very well on icy rock, the were very good on hard pack snow, were sensitive enough for delicate edging and worked well for jamming. They are more than stiff enough for technical ice climbing and by lacing differently one can get a great deal of flex out of them. I have tried on most step-in crampons on the market and they fit into all of them I tried. I also found them to be the best boot I have ever used for Glissading, but then again this may be a bad thing depending on your point of view?:

I also found them to be exceptionally waterproof for example when I was recently climbing a low angle waterfall I took the opportunity to stand in running water for about 30 minutes while I was belaying someone up the waterfall. The water did not penetrate the boots and the boots were still beading off water when it was my turn to start climbing.

And now for the bad news because of the very tough and stiff leather used in making the boot they are taking forever to break in. If you are unlucky and your foot is not perfectly normal you will sufferer while breaking in this boot as I have been with a few blisters and hot points.

One must be extra careful if you have wide feet and high arches, like me, not to over tighten in the toe or you will quickly cut the circulation to your toes and if it is at all cold -10c you will get frost-nip or even worse frost-bite despite the nice insulation of the boot.

Its heel lock works quite well, and one has the option of lacing it to give a full lock (good for ice climbing and vertical rock) or a partial lock which is better for uphill walking. Though even with this there is absolutely no flex in the sole so you will still end up walking like Frankenstein’s monster. I think they could improve this boot by adding one more set of eyes near the toes just to give some more flexibility in lacing it.

Workmanship is what you expect to find in a hand crafted Zambelan boot excellent overall. As a climbing boot it is suburb and because of this it is not a great hiking boot so for a long slog a pair of approach/hiking books would do you better.

I am only giving it four stars because it has been hard to break in and the price is on the high side.

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