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Product Review

The Suunto Core watch is an ABC (Altimeter Barometer Compass) watch with logging functions. The Core is a more fashionable choice than the Casio series watches and also provides a better interface to access data. I use this as my everyday watch, and while mountaineering in combination with my GPS, which allows me to find routes more easily.

Comfortable watch to wear.
Very easy to start/stop logging and access data.
Very accurate altimeter.
Enable barometer mode to lock elevation overnight and see what the weather was doing and make climbing judgments from that.
Logging functions allow you to predict the time you will arrive at your campsite or car (especially helpful when dealing with sunset).
Displays relevant current logging data.

I have heard the watch bands break more often than other watches.

Overall this watch is great for mountaineering if you want to be able to plan routes with more accurate time estimates based off of your vertical ascent speed and if you have to route find based off of altitude ques (such as "at 5000 feet descent ridge by large boulder to 4750 feet then continue up glacier"). In effect this watch (as with all ABC watches) will provide you information that you may not need, but will be extremely helpful.

I recommend this watch to anyone who is looking into ABC watches, especially if you plan to use it for day to day timekeeping as well.Add Features text here.


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