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Directalpine is a Czch brand
The hood is part of the collar and can be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically. It is adequately large to fit over a helmet. It does not restrict field of view in all directions and affords free head movement.
Anatomically shaped with sleeves, which do not limit movement of arms. The sleeve is anatomically shaped, with Velcro regulated wrist cuff.
The basic fabric is stretchable – affords increased mobility.

Can be regulated around the waist by elastic string, through simple manipulation from inside the pockets.

Adequately extended back portion.

The front part has been shortened to give legs better mobility while climbing. The bottom rim of the jacket is adjustable by an elastic pull-string (even in gloves); the end of the pull-string is inside the jacket.

Outside zippers are impermeable, without the covering flap (simplified manipulation).

Garment is ventilated through pocket openings (can reach pockets in the underlying layers).

There are two outside and one inside pockets in the chest area.

Foldable tote bag from waterproof material is included with the product.


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