Diglilux 2


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Object Title Diglilux 2
Manufacturer Leica (Panasonic)
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Page Type Mar 12, 2005 / Mar 12, 2005
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  • Fast 7 – 22.5 mm LEICA DC VARIO SUMMICRON f/2 – f/2.4 ASPH. zoom lens (equivalent to a 28 - 90 mm zoom lens on a 35 mm camera)

  • 2/3" CCD sensor with 5.0 million pixels

  • Analog photography feeling conveyed by manual setting possibilities directly at the lens

  • Its traditional clear design readily identifies it as a typical Leica

  • Transfer-reflexive 2,5“ display with a resolution of 211,000 pixels and outstanding brilliance

  • Electronic viewfinder with 235,000 pixels that covers 100% of the picture being taken

  • fast Autofocus:

    - only 500ms/600ms including focusing (with 28 mm/90mm settings)

  • Short shutter release delay:

    - only 94ms with manual focusing

  • Extra large picture storage card with 64 MB

  • Interval timing and control via the PC

  • Connections:

    USB 2.0 (High Speed); DC IN; AV output with option of PAL or NTSC; Remote release cable

  • Extremely robust and long-lived because of the use of high-grade materials and precision fabrication

LEICA DIGILUX 2 - The “analog” digital camera.

The new LEICA DIGILUX 2 camera combines the best of two worlds.

In the new LEICA DIGILUX 2, modern digital technology and the proven concepts of traditional analog photography are joined in a harmonious combination: Decisive photographic parameters such as sharpness, aperture, focal length and shutter speeds can be controlled like those on a classic single-lens-reflex camera by means of setting rings on the lens and a shutter speed dial.

To ensure the best pictorial results, the lens, the sensor and the electronics are optimally tailored to one another. The 2/3-inch CCD sensor is very large for its resolution of 5 million pixels. This combination of a high-performance lens and a large surface per picture element produces an extraordinary pictorial quality.


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