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Dosage Volume 2 DVD
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Dosage Volume 2 features eight high powered doses of strength climbing action. Watch Austrian strongman Klem Loskot deepwater soloing in Mallorca, Spain and American psycho-climber Dave Graham on the sportclimbs of Rumney, NH and the boulders of Fountainebleau, France. With historic first ascents and profiles of rising stars, you won't want to miss this exploration of the places and people that shape the sport.



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Martin Cash - Mar 21, 2005 5:03 pm - Voted 3/5

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First I'll say that I'm not an avid boulderer or sport climber. I like doing both for training for trad climbing, and alpine climbing. I don't get stoked after working a hard problem, like I do when I climb a cool crack or mountain.

Section #1 - Bouldering in Southern Illinois.

1 star. Pretty boring. Obe Carion has his usual screen presence, but the problems are only so so, and the music sucks. They showed the names of the problems, but no ratings, and no info on the area. When was it developed, why should people go there?

Section #2 - Psicobloc #1

3 stars - Nice music and nice camerawork. Deep water soloing looks like a lot of fun. Klem Loskot is fun to watch and listen to, but the video is really short and leaves you fealing a bit empty, like they didn't delve in deep enough.

Section #3 - Bouldering in Fontanbleu, France

3.5 stars - Interesting music, well filmed. The problems were interesting to watch, especially the repeated trys before the first ascent of that 8a+. Too bad David Graham doesn't have a more interesting personality or camera presence.

Section #4 - Rumney, NH

3.5 stars - Decent music, cool looking rock and routes, and well filmed. Dave Graham provides a nice overview of each route. Fun to watch, but forgetable after watching Realization in Dosage #1.

Section #5 - Psicobloc #2

5 Stars - Absolutely fantastic, deserving of the awards it has received. Excellent music, interesting interviews, good camera work, good special effects, etc. Chris Sharma and Klem Loskot go deap and tell why they climb here and love it so much. Probably the best short (less than 15 minute) climbing film I've ever seen.

Section #6 - NYC bouldering

0 stars - Sucked. Boring, annoying rap music with uninteresting climbing, in an unenjoyable setting.

Overall a good video, but I thought Masters of Stone V, Rampage, Dosage #1, and Front Range Freaks were better.

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