Drive-in Screw (Warthog)


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Object Title Drive-in Screw (Warthog)
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Page Type May 10, 2003 / May 10, 2003
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The Mountain Technology Drive-In Ice Screw is made from nickel chrome molybdenum steel. This steel has ideal properties for the manufacture of ice axe heads.

Most importantly, it has a low transition temperature which means that the metal does not become brittle in the cold. It also has a good resistance to bending and has high impact resistance.

Note that this is not a stainless steel.

This screw is ideal for Scottish winters where pitons are hammered into frozen turf, iced up cracks, etc. It is very robust and strong.


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JScoles - May 12, 2003 2:04 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
The sticky problem here is how to write a review for something that is basically now the last of a breed. This is the latest incarnation of the “Warthog” of days gone by once produced by SALEWA , Chouinard (BD) and others. Now made by a small firm in Scotland where I think the only market for them exists.

Basically they are now thoroughly obsolete save for what the manufacturer says they are good for, ie “pounding into Scottish turf” not what you would call a mass-market item.

Apart from driving into turf (I have only ever seen this in Scotland) or perhaps into thin ice filled cracks the most useful job for a this peg is cleaning the ice out of your screws. I have heard from some old timers they can be used as an emergency ice dagger but it does tend to destroy your gloves.

Anyway they are well made close copy of the rusting Warthog I have on a wind chime at my house, which I did use at one time.

Not something I would buy and put on my rack though I must admit there is a certain snob appeal to climbing with something no-one else under the age of 50 will recognize. Still have to give them 5 on 5 since there is nothing to compare it too.

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