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This medium-speed color slide film is ideal for general picture-taking under lighting conditions ranging from open shade or overcast to bright sunlight. It is also a good choice for nature- and underwater-photography applications. The film features very high sharpness, extremely fine grain, excellent contrast, and colors with high saturation.

ELITE Chrome 100 Film is intended for exposure with daylight or electronic flash. It can also be exposed with tungsten (3200 K) illumination with conversion filters (80A).

Use this film to produce color slides for projection. You can have color prints, enlargements, duplicate slides, internegatives, and photo CDs made from your original slides.

ELITE Chrome 100 Film is a member of the KODAK Select Series of films. The Select Series offers serious snapshooters and photo enthusiasts the widest selection of high performance films. Choose from KODACHROME or KODAK ELITE Chrome Films for slides, or KODAK ROYAL GOLD Films for prints.

Features & Benefits:

High Color Saturation:
Rich, vibrant colors
Pleasing skin tones
Enhanced to produce striking results
Produces natural-looking skin tones

Image Structure Technology:
Patented KODAK T-GRAIN® Emulsion in all color records
Triple-Coated Emulsion Technology in green- and red-light sensitive records
Iodide Inter-Image Amplifying Chemical
Extremely fine grain
Extremely high sharpness

Advanced Color Technology:
Solid-Particle Filter Dye for wavelength- selective, blue- and green-light protection
Patented Stable Super Active Scavengers (SSAS)
New spectral sensitizing dyes
Produces purer colors and enhanced sharpness
Provides broader range of blue-light capture

Exposure Reliability:
Precision Control Dopant Technology
No compensation for exposures from 1/10,000 second to 10 seconds

Process Reliability:
Designed for Process E-6 chemicals

Process with other films in Process E-6 without equipment or process modifications

Storage and handling:
Load and unload film in subdued light.

Store unexposed film at 21°C (70°F) or lower in the original sealed package. Always store film in a cool, dry place. Process film as soon as possible after exposure.

Protect slides from strong light, and store them in a cool, dry pace. For more information on storing color slides, see KODAK Publication No. E-30, Storage and Care of KODAK Photographic Materials-Before and After Processing.


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GuitarWIzard - May 8, 2002 8:16 am - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
The Elite series by Kodak has always been among my favorite regarding slide films; I probably use it about 85% of the time. I like the "coolness" the film offers....and has always given me consistent results. Even without a polarizer, I managed to get great color saturation, definition and contrast in a multitude of settings....from the Caribbean to the White Mountains.Regarding the price difference that I noted above....I recently picked up a 36 exp. roll at a local photo store for $11.00.....then looked online where I usually buy my stuff from (Adorama), and it was only $3.59 for 36 exp. I'm fairly certain the $11 does not include processing, either......so I know where I'll be buying ALL my film from now on.

Rob Salas - Jul 19, 2003 11:56 am - Voted 4/5

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I started with this film when I first got into photography. I agree with GuitarWizard in that the color saturation is good and with the inhierent "coolness", make for great images of snow-capped peaks. This is a great slide film for the price and always try to keep 3-4 rolls of it in my camera bag.

I do, however, think that the cooler tones that this film provides can be a hinderence at times. In situations that call for warmer tones (i.e. Monument Valley, Devil's Tower), for a buck or two more per roll, I use Kodak Ektachrome E100VS because it's daylight-balanced and the color saturation is intensified to highlight even the most subtle changes in hues.

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