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Product Description

Glacier Sunglasses is an essential piece of protective equipment for high-altitude climbs.
The Explorer is Julbo's top of the range mountaineering sunglass. It has moldable temples, removable side shields and a modern, retro appearance. The Explorer was developed in association with ENSA (French National School of Alpinism Chamonix Mont Blanc).


* Camel® lens: Polarized + Photochromic + antifog treatment. Protection is progressive from Cat. 3 to 4 according to sunlight.
* Wrap-Around Concept: highwrap profile for an enhanced grip.
* Air Flow: air flow incorporated in the frame for optimum ventilation.
* Adjust Concept: temples adjustable to 360° + cord for an excellent grip.
* Removable shells: highwrap.
* Grip Tech temples: soft comfort exclusive material that doesn't stick to hair.


Light transmission: 5 percent
UV protection: 100 percent
Lens material: Polycarbonate
Frame material: Nylon
Tint: Brown
Polarized: No
Additional lenses: No
Metal hinges: No
Cable temples: No

About Camel® Lenses

Camel® Polarizing and Photochromic Lenses: NXT® Two-Fold Performance.

Photochromic and polarizing, the Camel® lens offers evolving protection, darkens and lightens according to the intensity of the light, provides anti-dazzle protection and high definition vision. The anti-fog coating is ideal for active sports.

Polarizing + Photochromic lens: 2 perfectly mastered and highly reliable
specific technologies. Contrasts, light, dazzle, colours, etc. – Camel® glasses meet all needs.





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neghafi - Feb 27, 2008 10:34 pm - Voted 5/5

In cold weather (-20 C) I experienced my breath got iced on lenses.

redcell6613 - Jul 6, 2008 9:12 am - Hasn't voted

During high sunlight the lenses become a bit too dark for technical ice work. Other than that they perform very well in other activities. I have tried them while telemarking and they worked well with blocking cold air as well.

mibu - Oct 29, 2009 9:40 am - Voted 4/5

They stay firmly in place due to adjustable temples even during dynamic activities. Very comfortable, they provide great sun protection when used with side shields. But they are useless in case of serious spindrift.

spapagiannis - Sep 14, 2014 4:25 pm - Voted 5/5

I love these frames, though I did end up going with a smaller company for NXT cat 4 amber-toned lenses for prescription reasons (and because Julbo doesn't appear the offer RX lenses without polarization, also not a fan of photochromatic transition) - feel free to PM for details on the company.

The surface area on these frames offer a nice, wide field of vision without feeling too big (even for someone with close-set eyes like me) and a tight wraparound protection for peripheral vision, without feeling bulky. The Explorer happens to fit my face like a glove. I even find that they fit so well that sweat gets routed around them from falling into my eyes and causing a burn. The temple tips are highly bendable for a tight fit. As others have mentioned, when worn very tight they have the potential fog up lightly when you've stopped moving, though they equalize pretty quick once moving again and/or pulling them away just a moment for ventilation.

One weakness is that the safety cord attachment to the temple tips is a plastic "clip in" no thicker than a paperclip. In a major fall or self-arrest I'm not certain this would actually hold under the whiplash and might cause it not just to unclip but also cause them to fly off altogether. So I may seek out a more robust safetycord, possibly something which slips tightly over the ends of the tips rather than clicks in.

Other than that minor qualm, these are great!

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