Ghosts of Everest: The Search for Mallory & Irvine


Ghosts of Everest: The Search for Mallory & Irvine
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Object Title Ghosts of Everest: The Search for Mallory & Irvine
Manufacturer Hemmleb, Johnson and Simonson (The Mountaineers Books)
Page By Augie Medina
Page Type Apr 20, 2007 / Mar 2, 2015
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Product Description

This is the story of the finding of George Mallory’s body on the North Face of Mt. Everest nearly 75 years after Mallory disappeared along with Andrew Irvine while attempting to reach the summit in June 1924. Author Hemmleb was the originator of the Mallory & Irvine Research Expedition, while co-authors Eric Simonson and Larry Johnson were the expedition’s leader and coordinator, respectively.

The forensic analysis of the evidence discovered with Mallory’s well preserved body makes for fascinating reading. The book includes beautiful color photographs of the artifacts found in and around Mallory’s body, of the 1999 expedition on its climb, and archival photos of the 1924 expedition. The highlight of the book is the step-by-step reconstruction of Mallory and Irvine’s summit climb.

Product Detail

Price: $29.95
Hardback: 205 pages with color photographs
Authors: Jochen Hemmleb, Larry A. Johnson and Eric R. Simonson
Publisher: The Mountaineers Books
Year of Publication: 1999
Language: English
ISBN: 0-89886-669-5



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Augie Medina - Apr 20, 2007 8:44 pm - Voted 5/5

Detective Story
This was like a detective story complete with modern forensic analysis of the “crime scene” clues. The wonderful color photographs of Mallory’s body are intriguing and not all ghoulish. Two climbers, Conrad Anker and Dave Hahn, went to the summit attempting to replicate Mallory and Irvine’s probable route. Anker’s free climb of a 100 foot section of rock near the summit, known as the Second Step, seemed to be a defining moment in determining whether Mallory and/or Irvine could have made it to the summit in June 1924 given their skills and equipment. Still, one has to decide for himself after reviewing the 1999 expedition’s findings whether he thinks one or both made it to the summit. Nothing really seems to be conclusive.

Deltaoperator17 - Jan 29, 2009 1:52 pm - Voted 5/5

Great Reading
My 16 your old and I fought over who could read it a second time. I find it fascinating the argument on whether they summited or not. The story about the journey was equally compelling.

I felt like I was there when Mallory’s body was found, I felt like that alone should provide some comfort to surviving family member and friends.

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