Himalaya 2


Himalaya 2
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2 Person Mountaineering Tent

Two Himalayas at the Foot of Solimana Glacier

Doite makes a large range of camping and backpacking equipment. They are located in Santiago Chile. Of course as is normal now days, most of the gear is made in China. They have a regular line of cheap camping tents and also a Professional Line of mountaineering tents for 1-3 persons. The Himalaya 2 is part of the professional line.

Company website (in Spanish) is Doite

Regular price for the Himalaya 2 is around US$170, however I bought it in Tacna, Peru (duty free zone) for $125


Inner tent

Base Camp, Nevado Coropuna

Two person - Four season - Free standing - Double wall

Inner tent - Breathable rip-stop polyester, mesh door and two mesh windows, white
Floor - heavy waterproof coated rip-stop polyester, blue
Fly - heavy waterproof coated rip-stop polyester, yellow
Poles - Three 8.5 mm, Duraluminium alloy, shock-corded, 3.1 meters long
Stakes - 13 Duraluminium alloy, 7.2 mm long, V-shaped, anti-bendable
Includes stake bag, pole bag, tent bag, two guy ropes for the fly

Length - 3 meters, including vestibule, inner tent - 2.2 meters
width - head end,(door) - 1.9 meters, the tappered foot end is less
Height - 1.2 meters (39 inches per meter)
Weight - 3.3 Kg (7 1/4 lbs)

The tent is completely free standing, use stakes as needed for the wind and to hold the bottom of the fly out away from the tent. There are also buckle clips to attach the fly to the inner tent. The tent features quick set up clips, erect the three poles first and then clip the tent to the poles. The inner tent has a full zipper on the inverted U shaped door, the fly has a half door, with a small clear plastic window.



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Vic Hanson - Oct 20, 2007 2:47 pm - Voted 5/5

Great Tent
Doite makes a large range of camping and backpacking equipment. They are located in Santiago Chile, but of course as is normal now days, most of the gear is made in China. As I had seen some of their cheap tents and sleeping bags in stores here in Peru, I wasn't impressed with the brand and dismissed their whole line as unworthy of use for serious backpacking in the mountains (inspite of the fact that my two main tents were Wenzel!) So when my climbing buddies set up their Himalaya tent on Coropuna, I didn't even check it out. However on our recent attempt on Solimana, they brought two of them, and I was invited to share using one.

I was impressed with the ease of set-up using the clips. It is well designed and well made tent. My 2-liter soda bottle full of water froze solid outside in the 20 degree temps overnight, another bottle inside did not freeze. There were two of us in the tent, and I was comfortably warm in a 20 degree Campmore down bag (not noted for being a warm bag).

The tent looked small at first, especially without the fly, but there was ample room for two people. The inner tent is almost 7 feet long. The rain fly can by staked down snug for windy, rainy or cold conditions. Either the inner tent or the fly can be used separately as desired, according to the weather conditions.

My only complaint about the tent is the weight, however I am used to single wall tents, and currently have been using a 2-person Tarptent that weighs two pounds.

I would highly recommend the tent to anyone who has access to buying one. They are also sold in New Zealand and Australia, as well as in South America.

Alamkuh - Aug 8, 2013 4:18 am - Hasn't voted

How much is it for 2-person? and how can i buy it?!

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