Ice Axe Belt


Ice Axe Belt
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Manufacturer Eastern Mountain Sports
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Product Description

Made for everyday wear, this belt also works great when used with a rock climber's chalk bag. Featuring EMS's retro ice axe logo on the buckle.


* 100% textured cotton
* Quick-release metal buckle
* Ice axe logo on buckle
* Buckle back features a liberation device for capped beverages
* One size - 44 inches long


This is a great strong belt. The bad thing is though that's its one size, so you might need to cut it down if you don't want ti wrapping around you a few times for us skinny people.

You may not want to wear this belt with a big backpack because its thicker, and will get in the way of your lumbar pad on the back of your pack. This is very uncomfortable when backpacking. I would use a thinner belt.

It also uses teeth to fasten itself instead of holes, so this is what give it then one size fits all.



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Hotoven - Feb 2, 2010 4:54 pm - Voted 4/5

Great everday belt.
This belt is the best belt I have ever owned! I had to modify the size because I have a skinny waste, and the one size that fits all wrapped around me almost twice. After fixing that problem, its super. I use the bottle opener on it all the time too. very convenient.

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