Imlay Clipster


Imlay Clipster
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Object Title Imlay Clipster
Manufacturer Imlay
Page By Augie Medina
Page Type Jun 6, 2008 / Jun 6, 2008
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Product Description

The Clipster is a clip-in sling designed specifically for canyoneering. It is made from burly ¾” belay loop webbing. The bottom end is sewn with a half-twist so that it girth-hitches neatly to your harness’s belay loop. The top end is sewn to accept a locking carabiner for clipping in. Tie a knot in it to shorten it if you need to.

Product Details

Manufacturer: Imlay

Material: Three quarter inch belay loop webbing

Length: 22 inches

Retail price: $15.95

Strength: intended for body weight only



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Augie Medina - Jun 6, 2008 11:25 pm - Voted 5/5

Light and Simple
Ideal for use as a safety tether. Stick a locking ‘biner in the top end, girth-hitch the bottom end to your harness and you’re good to go. As canyoneeering gear tends to get rough usage, always inspect it before each outing. Because the webbing is sewn together, you can tie a knot in the Clipster if you need to shorten it and still get it easily untied after weighting.

Comparisons with the more expensive Spelegcya might come to mind. The Clipster of course has only one clip-in end as opposed to the two strands of differing lengths of the Spelegcya each requiring a locking ‘biner. Plus, the Spelegcya is constructed of much heavier material. Further, you need to use a rapide to attach the Spelegcya to your harness whereas the Clipster attaches with a simple girth hitch. As a result of these features, the Clipster is much lighter. And being two-pronged, when you’re not using the Spelegcya, you have two ends to clip out of the way to your harness gear loops. Of course, the Spelegcya has more uses than the Clipster. Where I think I may need the greater versatility of the double lanyard Spelegcya, I go with it. Otherwise, I like the lightness and simplicity of the Clipster.

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