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Insulated Air Core Pad
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Insulated Air Core Pad

Insulated Air Core Pad

Page Type: Gear Review

Object Title: Insulated Air Core Pad

Manufacturer: Big Agnes

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Created/Edited: Jan 23, 2007 / Jan 23, 2007

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Product Description

2.5" thick, 3 season sleeping pad filled with PrimaLoft insulation. M3 synthetic fill used in the 25" wide pad. Has an R-Value of 4.1 and is rated to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Full length 2.5" thick pad is lightweight and packs small

• Packs down to a compact 3.75" x 10" or 4.25" x 10" size

• Unique construction technique prevents the insulation from shifting inside the air chambers.

• The I-beam construction technique is functionally superior to the typical welded-through construction of other air mats. Die cut holes in each I-beam allow air to flow freely between chambers giving constant support and comfort.

• I-beam construction makes inflation quick and easy

• Durable 50 denier nylon fabric top and bottom used on the 20" wide pads and 70 denier nylon fabric top and bottom used on the 25" wide pad.

• Durable, water repellent (DWR) coating sheds water and stains

• PrimaLoft features a silicone treatment which serves as an anti-microbial within the pad

• Internal polyurethane (PU) coating makes pad waterproof

• Exclusive: Non-breakable, EZ-Flate brass valve for easy closure

• Use a closed cell foam pad with any of our Air Core Pads for extra insulation, especially when camping on frozen ground, snow or cold rock. The foam pad provides a barrier against the cold from the ground.

• REM Insulated Air Core Pads come with a stuff sack, repair kit, and a 100% guarantee

• Storage: We recommend storing the Insulated Air Core pad flat, unrolled and uninflated with the valve open so moisture may escape.

• Insulated Air Core pads are not self-inflating

Sizes & Weights

20" x 66" x 2.5" 20 oz
20" x 72" x 2.5" 24 oz
20" x 78" x 2.5" 26 oz
25" x 78" x 2.5" 36 oz


20" x 60" x 2.5" 18 oz
20" x 72" x 2.5" 21 oz
20" x 78" x 2.5" 23 oz



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tarolLove this pad!

Voted 5/5

I've had it for about 8 months now... bought it to replace my Insul Mat which went flat. I have it in the rectangular style which I prefer over the mummy style. It's lightweight, packs up small, and is at least 100x more comfier than my Therma-Rest ;)
Posted Jan 23, 2007 11:52 pm

David PneumanTemp Rating

Hasn't voted

Believe it when they advertise 25 degrees. I'd recommend bringing an extra insulite pad if it's going to get below 30 or use some fleeces between the pad and your bag.
Posted Jan 28, 2007 4:43 pm

vermeernot very durable

Voted 3/5

This is a very small, lightweight, and comfortable pad. Unfortunately I'm on my 3rd pad in 2 years. Customer service has been great about replacing them for me but they seem to start losing air half way through every trip.
Posted Apr 20, 2007 12:19 am

kitcarson61I like it

Voted 4/5

The most comfortable pad I've used to date. I always let just a little air out after getting into my bag for the night. I'm starting to get soft in my old age and like my mattress that way, too. Of course, letting a little air out also decreases the amount of space needing to be heated inside the pad and, it seems to me, I therefore stay a little warmer. Maybe that's just my imagination, but it works for me. I must agree with David above, the temp rating on this pad, like all the Big Agnes products I own now, is right on. Any lower air or ground temps need to be dealt with in some additional way. In the winter, another pad needs to be used under the Ins. Air Core. I use a six foot long 24" wide roll of that foil covered bubble wrap stuff for water heaters. Works great, weighs nothing! As for durability, I'm on season 3 with a total of about 60 nights. A third or so of those on snow and ice.
All in all, I like this pad.
Posted Apr 7, 2008 2:27 am

SnowyInsulated Air Core

Voted 5/5

I have been very impressed this pad. Very comfortable, durable (thus far), and incredibly packable. The weight is reasonable considering the features; it's certainly not an ultralight piece, but not a waste of ounces. I've used it in the low 20's without issue, but would supplement it with a GG thinlite or the like for colder conditions and failure insurance. Placing a light foam/etc. pad between the user and the pad will yield the best heat retention efficiencies.
Posted Sep 16, 2009 3:17 pm

KerstinSo comfy!

Voted 5/5

I've had the mummy-shaped 20x72 inch pad for almost five years now. I'm very happy with it. Previously I used one of the old thermarest pads combined with a z rest pad. This was really bulky to carry on backpacking trips! I love how small the Big Agnes pad packs up.

Last spring I slept on snow for the first time with just my Big Agnes pad. As I expected, I could feel the cold coming through the pad. I wished I had brought my z rest to put underneath it. So far I have not had any problems with air leaking out of the pad, but I do like how a repair kit is included with the pad in case of leaks.

I like to use a pillow with my Big Agnes pad when sleeping. Usually I use a medium-sized stuff sack that has my down jacket in it. This would slip off the pad very easily until I figured out what to do: I took an old t shirt of my husband's and sewed the neck shut so I could slip the t shirt over the top of the pad. I put my down jacket-filled stuff sack under the shirt. The shirt holds the stuff sack in place so it doesn't slip off the pad and out from under my head. What is also nice about using a t shirt for this purpose is you can reach into one of the arm holes to access the nozzle if you need to let air out of the pad or blow it up a bit more. I'm very happy with this pad for three-season use.
Posted Mar 17, 2012 11:16 am

Ken DammenGreat Pad!

Hasn't voted

This is by far the most comfortable pad Ive used so far. More comfortable than some beds ive slept in. Paired with ZRest in winter it is warm and comfortable. Little heavy but definately worth the extra weight. Would recommend!
Posted May 27, 2012 1:24 pm

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